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  • From: Roman Vorushin <roman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 07:59:22 +0700

NP> Feralia Gentiatalia (Arrival Of The Jugglers)

NP> I found myself in a room that resembled a bath, saw my image
NP> reflected, watched my genitals falling off. Oh, what a sight when I
NP> understood the fright and what it (really) was: -as the old shape-
NP> deceased the transformation increased...- "the unexpected path".
NP> I awoke in a room that was entirely bath. I found my body reflected
NP> while my genitals were rotting off. Like old leaves on a plant that
NP> came to nothing on demand, dried they had no juice. Hanging on a
NP> single thread, testicles of a dead, mummy-skin without use.
NP> I awoke in this room that was merely a bath.
NP> I saw my essence in a mirror while my genitals were falling off.
NP> Like old leaves on a plant that come off on demand, barren they had no 
NP> Hanging on a single thread, testicles of a dead, mummy-skin beyond use.
NP> "Shake, shake, shake"... the other side awakes! "(...) We are, we are, we 
NP> "the Jugglers of Jusa...!" The sensation was new and strange,
NP> but truly didn't feel any pain. I guess "neglection" activated -
NP> this chance and I know it would not return again.
NP> There was no need to concern because in fact I could learn to let go and 
NP> Sensed being two in one, both woman and man great truth indeed!
NP> You know it is one aim of this life to balance the extremes
NP> and unite all the aspects that we wish to deny,
NP> from which we try to escape and hide.
NP> If you turn and face the strange then the monsters will change into
NP> guardians of strength and light. We'll be travelling the spheres of the 
NP> Unser Herz und Geist sind befreit...
NP> " Shake, shake, shake"...
NP> until the other side awakes!
NP> La, la, la... - we are "the Jugglers of Jusa"
Чувак - философ! Хотя что еще бедняге остается...

С уважением, Ворушин Роман                     roman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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