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  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 10:31:09 +0100

You are lucky... we are already working together closely with 
the author of zyGrib.

four things are happening at the moment:
* I have made a small script which loads the latest IAC fleetcode file into the 
* The server I am testing now can broadcast this file
* I am testing a new FEC streaming protocol on PI4TUE which allows the 
client to repair the broadcasted fIAC fleetcode file if errors occur, and 
automatically put in into the /opt/zyGrib/grib directory
* If you request a grib file with pskmail email, you can get the attached grib 
just by reading the mail within seconds...
Of course the IAC fleetcode files will also be available for download.

Broadcasting grib files is a bit difficult while grib files covering a large 
are really too big for broadcasting. But the wx analysis and forecast contained 
in the IAC fleetcode files give you a complete weather map. 
At the moment we cover only the north atlantic, but the author of zyGrib 
is working on other areas. This broadcast can be auto-received without the 
need for a TX, so yachts with only a receievr can use this.
In EU we will broadcast this file on a fixed time every 3 hours on 80, 40, 20 
and 30.
Also on the todo list is to add a gps coupling to zyGrib to show your position 
on the 
weather map(but as with the pskmail author ,
the zyGrib author is on his own...).

Now that I have your attention:

The next server will have two main changes:
* The APRS target address changes from PSKAPRS to PSKAPR. This to make it 
compatible to the APRS standard which allows only 6 characters. We noticed some 
web sites filter this, and will 
not show pskmail posits. The client needs no change for this, I can imagine 
of the web scripts filter on PSKAPRS, and have to be changed.
* The format of the 'QSL <CLIENT> de <SERVER>' will get a CRC check, 
so I can check the validity of the callsigns 

Fldigi-3.1 is out. I have tested it wthin clients 0.9 and 1.04 and both the 
IPC and TCP/IP interfaces are working fine. We have made significant 
changes in both interfaces which fix hidden bug, so I strongly suggest 
you chnage to fldigi-3,1

I am spending most of my time testing all this at the moment.


Rein PA0R

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Just installed the latest version of zyGrib. What a brilliant program!
> Integration with pskmail would provide a very nice tool for us 
> yachties.
> Alan KD4QCL


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