[pskmail] Re: using BPSK250 ?

  • From: Joerg Schroeder <dl9ycs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 18:18:17 +0200

Hi Vic,
if you want to connect to servers on 10147 Mhz change
the Mode Profile in your user Data to Mode profile 5.
Joerg  DL9YCS

2010/5/7 victor maddex <vmaddex@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello,
> hope someone may be able to help, as I am waiting for a usb to rs232
> converter to work with my windows 7 machine that I have for my adventures, I
> have installed fldigi 3.20.22 / flarq4.3.1 and pskmail v0.5.1 on another
> home machine to see if i coud get connected to something.
> As conditions have not been too good on 30m in the evenings I would try the
> 80m station DK4XI-80 that uses psk250, I was receiving frames ok with fldigi
> set to psk250 mode, so when it was quiet, I ran pskmail and set that to
> psk250, entered the call (DK4XI-80 not sure if that would be correct?) but
> when I pressed the connect button, the mode changed to psk500R, after the
> transmission it seemed to go back r psk250 and some time after back to
> psk500R.
> I seem to have lost control of the mode, is this something to do with the
> scanning servers on 30m.
> Maybe I am being a complete numpty, but I thought I was making some
> progress.
> Hope someone may be able to help me get started.
> Thanks
> Vic
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