[pskmail] Re: unable to run pskmail on windows 7

  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 02 May 2010 08:03:27 +0200

Hi Victor,

Thanks for posting about this, it helps me create a working installer
for windows 7!
One way around this for now is to use the zip archive to install instead
of the installer. I tested the windows installer on XP and it seems
windows 7 is a better os (better access control).

The problem you had when installing as the user is that the current
windows installer contains the rxtx libs and tries to copy those to the
system (that is the first permission error). This really is the basic
problem and I have to create a new installer that installs these libs as
administrator and the rest as the user.

The second error you had comes from installing as administrator and
running as user, there is a relative path to the configuration.xml file
and that should be in the users path. So, it should be installed as a
user, not administrator.

This was the reason I didn't include the rxtx libs in the installer in
the first place. I then tried it anyway and it seemed fine on xp (as
there seemed to be no security there).

I have created a test installer that does not contain the rxtx libs. Can
you test it and launch it as your user (not administrator)?
Its here: http://www.crusefalk.se/jpskmailinstall/

It contains the bleeding edge stuff, including the email view that I am
not finished with. Could be a bug here or there...

73 de Per, sm0rwo

lör 2010-05-01 klockan 20:53 +0100 skrev victor maddex:
> Hello,
> finally found the list, I have installed pskmail and fldigi on windows
> 7, when I first tried to install pskmail windows said I did not have
> permission to change the x86 folder, not sure why as my login was
> administrator, anyway, I figured if I ran the installer using run as
> administrator it may be better, well it was, it seemd to install fine.
> However when I try to run pskmail I get the following message in a pop
> up box "Message:configuration XML (access denied) from class: class
> java.io.file not found exception problems with config peramiter" if I
> close that I get "could not store setting: Beacon", then another box
> with the same message and "Icon" as the setting value.
> I know a little about Pc's but not quite enough to get round this one
> it seems, the operating system is windows 7 home premium 64bit 2.1g
> cpu 4m memory, my guess there may be a permissions issue or something
> with the java that is causing a problem I have Java 6 update 20
> displayed in add remove programs list for 32 bit, and 6 update 14 for
> the 32bit program. the program I am running is "c:\program files
> (x86)\pskmail\javapskmail.jar".
> I am sure there may be some real obvious information you need that I
> have forgotten to tell you, if so please let me know and I will
> provide it as soon as I can, I have a trip in a few weeks and would
> like to have this working.
> Thanks for any help.
> Vic
> G0RAS 
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