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Ok. Thanks. So if I understand, my server will continue to send QSL until it hears the other server QSL someone else? I will check to see if it is finding the servers via Internet as well in .internet file also.. I do have Internet connectivity.. Maybe there is some error in that regard.. The behavior is fine I just wonder why it is not figuring out that it is a server sooner than later.. Our problem may be that there are not enough users out there.. I will get my client going today for APRS.. That being built in to pskmail is great.. I tried VHF APRS but with Pskmail my station is heard so much more. Countrywide coverage thanks to KB2PNM's server's performance and location.

On 08/16/2013 08:50 AM, Pär Crusefalk wrote:
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The great mind that should answer is Rein but I'll try to say something...
Clients and servers send their beacons the same way with a position packet.
A server that receives a position can not see whether the transmission
was sent from a client or a server so it will send a QSL.
When other servers receive that QSL, like QSL KB2PNM de KB1NCJ, they
will realize that KB1NCJ is in fact a server.
That also happens when the server hears another server answer a ping or
ack an aprs message.
The server callsign is added to an array and the next time it hears a
packet it will check if it originated from a known server, if so then it
does not send a QSL:

if (exists $servers{$1}) {
     # do nothing, its a server.
  } else {

That list of servers is loaded at startup from the internet if there is
a connection, those calls should be here:

So, we should be able to add known servers manually...

73, Per

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