[pskmail] Re: pskmail.org server is down

  • From: Per Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 22:12:27 +0200


Well, the servers still work so its not a critical issue really.
How about if we have the servers wget a copy of the central database
at regular intervals? That would create a lot of backups and also lighten the 
load on the central server (no need to query when the user is known in the
local database). It could of course mean a delay in updates on user data.

73 de Per, sm0rwo

tisdag 29 augusti 2006 22:05 skrev Rein Couperus PA0R:
> Hi all,
> due to a problem in the data center in Paris the pskmail server cannot
> be reached at the moment, so only the local databases will work.
> Lesson learnt: we need a fallback server for the data base.
> Sorry for the trouble...
> 73,
> Rein PA0R

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