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  • Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 21:01:32 +0100

See comments below...

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> Hello folks, just wanted to report i am very happy
> with the LiveCD, the 1_1 version, but i have a couple
> comments/issues/bugs:
> (1) The status bar (bottom bar of the pskmail program)
> text, in my opinion, should update more often. The
> various messages there (similar to "sending connect"
> or "disconnect" or "ping" or whatever) should disappear
> when the operation is complete. Instead, the text lingers
> on long after the operation is complete, until it's replaced
> by another string indicating a different operation.

How long do you want the messages to be there?
This can be done, but not in the coming release. Speed is more important there.

> (2) Last Friday i was sending 3 or 4 emails via the
> ve7sun server, and my pskmail client kept on re-sending
> all the emails over and over again, even tho i was getting
> "mail sent" from the server. I had to stop the process by
> aborting and disconnecting.  I verified that the recipients
> had received two copies of everything.

There is a menu item file->clear sendfile.
This was done on purpose so you don't have to write the email again
when it does not get through completely.
So before you write an email look if the send file is empty (view->send file).
And clear the sendfile if it is not.

This can all be changed if it is not too complex.
Just get a consensus on how you want it.

> Now, after i send email, i have to go to Konsole, and
> go to the mail directory, and do 'vi message' to manually
> delete the contents of the message file. Otherwise the
> emails will be sent yet again if i punch the SEND button.
> (3) Would it be possible to add a top-bar menu item
> that specifically lets the client user save settings to a
> jumpdrive (memory stick; flashdrive) or even a floppy?
> At the moment i see no menu items to do this, and to
> specify a path for saving, and another menu item to
> retrieve the settings upon startup.

This will be in the coming release, in the form of an icon on the desktop.
(At least that is what we are planning).
> I am not going to be able to buy a 2-gig flashdrive to
> boot up on, and that's the reason i want to be able to
> save settings only (and retrieve them) on the little 256K
> flashdrive i already have.

The compressed file with all the config info, the programs etc. are 11 MB, so 
would easily fit on a 32 MB cheap USB stick.
256 MB will let you store LOTS of mail and maps for Xastir and gpsdrive.


Rein PA0R

> Any comments appreciated.
> Orrin wn1z          (cc: aprpack list)


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