[pskmail] Re: [pskmail] Garmin Etrex Venture HC USB and first test of jpskmail

  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 20:58:11 +0100

Bonjour Fred,

the server you contacted is clearly not up to date, it does not understand 
the compressed email commands. This could be the case for the 
intermar servers like DK4XI and S54FAA-0, which have not been updated to 
version 0.9.27 (we are now testing 0.9.28). The intermar servers are mainly 
for APRS...

What you can do is go to Edit->Preferences->Email settings and 
make sure 'compressed' is OFF, as the intermar servers 
use the slower 'uncompressed' email method which is 2x 
slower than the compressed method. 

Or you can try one of the servers on 10147 (SM0RWO, IS0GRB-3, PI4TUE) 
which run the latest test software, They run  PSK500,
making it even 4x faster....

You will need the latest fldigi version with the new PSK-FEC modes 
(at least alpha version fldigi-3.13BF_PSKR) for that, we hope it will
 become available via the official channels soon.

If you do not want to experiment too much it may be better to stick to 
the servers on 10148 (uncompressed) until we are ready to release the 
new multi-speed stuff,,,

In case you want to help us with testing the new software I can send 
you the latest linux client...., or you can ask SM0RWO to issue a new alpha 
snapshot for
the windows client, he is also our GPS expert :) 


Rein PA0R

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> Betreff: [pskmail] Garmin Etrex Venture HC USB and first test of jpskmail

good evening,
> I just started watching how to walk
> fldigi jpskmail + on my Ubuntu 9.10
> Everything starts well, but I have a trouble with my GPS.
> Someone uses Extrex there a Garmin Venture HC to manage
> GPS position Jpskmail??
> If yes I am the trick taker.
> Another question, I managed to connect to a server and here are the 
> messages here
> France in Saint Etienne (near Lyon):
> Huh? I do not understand ~ CSEND
> Updated database for F4EED
> Huh? I do not understand ~ READZIP
> Can you explain what this is?
> Thank you in advance and 73 at all
> Fred F4EED
> http://f4eed.free.fr
> My first test : http://f4eed.free.fr/spip.php?article37&var_mode=
> calcul
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> Frédéric BOUCHET
> http://f4eed.free.fr
> http://bouchet.hd.free.fr ( sur le serveur de la maison donc pas 
> dispo 24/24 )
> http://www.gesadra.fr
> http://www.adrasec42.org
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