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  • From: Joe Hetrick <jhetrick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 11:20:41 -0500

Thanks Rein!

Can somebody give a more detailed outline of the flow between client/
server for me?

First, APRS beacons are sent 'unproto', you don't have to be connected for that.
Same for pings and 'link' packets.

Second, the connect sequence is as follows:

Client: Connect
Server: Connect ack
Client: Status
Server: version and status: SM0RWO Pskmailserver v.0.4 L1M2>
(meaning you have 1 local mail waiting and 2 in your POP account in the internet cloud.
Client: Status or poll
Server: Status or poll
.... etc.
Client: Command, status
Server: Status or poll
Client: Status or poll
... until
Server: Data, data...... data, status.
Client: status (or poll).

Polls are sent when the status has not been received correctly., the other stn then repeats the status.

This clears that up, Thanks Rein.


        It seems that fldigi source README's talk about pskmail, but, only
the PA0R provided fldigi binaries actually work with pskmail?

No, fldigi works structurally with pskmail.
fldigi-1.342 works with pskmail 0.4
fldigi-1.38.06 and higher works with pskmail 0.5.

Ok; But the PSKmailclient/server has to be touched in the startup directory, depending on what you're doing?

        In mail mode, I assume the remote service merely acts as a proxy for
a pop account that I provide.  How is mail sent by the remote host,
as, this would obviously require relay privileges on an internet-
facing mailserver.

I am not sure what you mean with remote host.
The POP server at your ISP does not care who gets the mail, as long as you authenticate. The agent in the pskmail server does the authentication, gets your mail and sends it via a pskmail stream to the client. For this to work the agent needs your data.

I mean SMTP relay, not POP. Unless we're assuming the remote server allows POP before SMTP and the outgoing and incoming mailservers are the same. Does this make it more clear what I'm asking?

I'm asking about outbound (to the internet cloud) mail.

I never had any problems with either fldigi-1.342 of fldigi-1.38.06
as long as you do a 'save config'.
When changing from 1.342 to 1.38 you need to delete the .fldigi directory.

I assumed this was local to me; as such a problem would have made it out onto usenet or other places that google indexes. I'll keep looking at it. For now, though, I've got everything happily working.



Joe Hetrick
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