[pskmail] Re: psk_arq.pl not generating gmfsk_autofile

  • From: Fred Reiselt <freiselt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 16:22:43 -0600

Aha! Both rflinkclient.pl and arq.pm were installed in ~/mail directory but.......pskmailrc.pl was still in the ~ directory. Moving it to ~/mail made everything happy. I followed the latest client install instructions on the wiki, which are great. But pskmailrc.pl was left off of step three. I'll go into the wiki and add it. Thanks for the help!

73 - Fred - wb5con

Rein Couperus wrote:
Are rflinkclient.pl and arq.pm installed in the ~/mail directory? Looks like at 
least one of them is missing...


Rein EA/PA0R/P

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Hello all,

Well, I never could make the soundcard on my Armada E500 laptop work properly under Mandriva 2007 so I wiped it and rebuilt it with Mandriva 2006. Sound works great now. I have rebuilt fldigi and PSKmail client but have a problem. I cannot get the psk_arq.pl to generate a gmfsk_autofile when I hit 'Connect'. Therefore fldigi does not pick it up and transmit. The strange thing is that I can hit the Position button and it will generate a gmfsk_autofile and fldigi picks it up and sends the lat/lon string. I can echo data to gmfsk_autofile from the command line and fldigi sends it out fine. Client is version 0.2.6. Fldigi is 1.23. I would be very happy for someone to tell me that I have overlooked something really simple.

Fred - WB5CON

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