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  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 10:42:07 -0700 (PDT)

Hi John,

I am not aware of a graphical tool to do this, although it may exist.

Open a shell (terminal) window and try a couple of commands:

ls -l /dev/ttyS* 

This will list the serial ports that linux has defined. It will also be useful 
in permissions questions.

For each port listed, try the command:

echo hellohello > /dev/ttyS0

but modify the zero for each numbered port.  BTW the first port (/dev/ttyS0) is 
like com1 in Windows. 

The responses tell you a lot... if the port is there and working you will see 
no error, it will send the hellohello to the port.  If the port does not exist 
you should see a message about an i/o error.  If you do not have permission to 
use the port you should see a message that you do not have permission to write 
to the port.

Let us know what you find.

Howard K5HB

PS: in case you are not familiar with it there is a great package manager tool 
called Synaptic under the System - Administration menu.  This would get you a 
much improved fldigi.

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Hello Alan
Thanks for the return. I have been going around and around trying to get this 
thing working. I tried to download FLDIGI through the program downloader but it 
would not open due to a corrupt file. I am brand new to Linux and it has been 
diferent. I realy didn't have any trouble down loading this version of FLDIGI 
and it is decoding okay but I can not get the com port to key the Buxcom 
interface. I did make sure the comports are there and on in BIOs and I even 
found the com ports in Ubuntu but do not know what to put into the address box 
in configure menu and not sure that the ports are turned on.  I actualy swaped 
for this computer to run the whole PSKMAIL sweet of programs. It is a older 
composet of parts. I am not much of a programer but If you can give me a string 
of menus I can fallow.

John Rusmiselle

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