[pskmail] Re: on eeePC 901 XP

  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 23:56:23 +0200

Hi Kaspar, 

you should be able to boot from a USB stick, that works  on my PC 900.
A new image with puppy4 is available from intermar-ev, www.pskmail.de. It can 
downloaded there and it contains a 'stick generator; which runs under windows 
and generates a bootable puppy4 stick including the latest pskmail client and 
fldigi 3.0 
which work fine on most of my laptops. 

Only problem when I boot my PC900 from the puppy 4 stick:
I have not figured out how to get audio output under puppy4, still working on 

Can;t you get hold of a German recovery CD with Xandros for the 901? That would 
make for 
a great little PC... (I have one with Dutch).

It is also relatively easy to put UBUNTU 8.04 on the eeePC, my son does it from 
stick... From there you can of course run pskmail 1.0 (coming next) and fldigi 

Hope this helps,

Rein PA0R

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> Good evening
> As a proud new member of the eeePC 901 (unfortunately the
> WinXP-Version, because the Linux-Version is not available) I wanted to
> try Pskmail on this new machine. But it didn't work out so far.
> Problem:
> If I boot it from SD-card, it doesn't recognize the screen as it should.
> Any hints?
> Have a nice week, travel safely and have fun!
> Kaspar, HB9EGZ


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