[pskmail] old 1_1 release; new LiveCD release

  • From: WN1Z <wn1z.orrin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 12:02:13 -0700

I just posted this to the aprpack yahoo group:
(de wn1z)

On 3/24/07, wb6mlc <kac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Per wrote, in part:
 > A new live cd for pskmail is now available!

Thanks Per and Rein. Will try to catch that today.

I have some other comments on the 1_1, but it remains
to be seen if these behaviors are in the 2nd version:

(1) When i first start up PSKmail, and send a ping,
the ping doesn't have my callsign in it. No problem, since
the server responds to the ping. But a half hour later, my
pings have my callsign in them. Is this the desired behavior?

(2) When i first start up PSKmail, and punch the POS
button, it sends my lat & long -- without my callsign!! Which
is possibly of no use.  A half hour later, after <i don't know
what event>, punching the POS button sends a valid aprs
position report, which gets acknowledged by the server if
conditions are good.

(3) Something that has happened several times now with
my attempted connects to the VE7SUN server:  the connect
goes poorly, probably because of bad conditions. But then
one station or the other (the server or me) thinks it's connected
when it isn't, and after a short time the server stops responding
to ANYTHING i do, including pings and POS. Then a day (night)
later the server still doesn't respond to me at all. It could be
conditions, but in at least two cases ve7cus emailed me that
the server had had a hiccup. What i suspect is that, when the
server gets some unexpected command, the program crashes
or "gets confused."

(4) Last Friday when i tried to connect to wb6mlc in tty mode,
his station immediately sent me 4 ~QUIT commands, one right
after the other. From now on, i'm only going to "connect" to a
server.  The TTY mode, without a connect, is all i'm going to try
with another client station.

Again, these comments are for the 1_1 release. Any comments
appreciated. I will cc: this to the pskmail list. I will report on the
new LiveCD as soon as i use it. Thank you, authors, for all your
work on this.

Orrin WN1Z in Calif.

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