[pskmail] Re: new FAQ page for jpskmail-0.3.7

  • From: John Douyere <vk2eta@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 10:06:51 +1000


This is looking good. Can you give us an idea of the goodies that 0.3.7 will

Also looking at the link status indicator caption I have to admit I am a bit
confused about the link between state and color coding:

1. On the unconnected set, what is the entry colour before we link or
connect: is it grey or pink (no link to server)?

2. On the connected set, I suspect that Red is when the server is polling
because it is missing the client response not because it is idle and sending
polls to keep the link up, in which case it would be green. Is that correct?



On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 12:44 AM, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Although 0.3.7 has not yet been released (testing, testing, testing)
> the FAQ page for the channel and link indicators is ready:
> http://pskmail.wikispaces.com/FAQ+What+do+the+colored+indicastors+mean%3F
> Have fun...
> 73,
> Rein PA0R
> --
> http://pa0r.blogspirit.com

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