[pskmail] modes for emergency comms

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  • Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 22:43:10 +1200


From my ZL perspective, there are areas where the govt agencies use their comms 
for the main job and get amateurs to fill in the trivial roles, also there are 
areas where the only organised and capable comms is the amateur systems on VHF 
and HF. The voluntary role we used to provide in essential comms for car 
rallies (WRC) has largely been replaced by commercial R/T , cellular and 
Inmarsat services and the amateur teams downgraded to providing backup traffic. 
I helped in these areas for 5 yrs and was AREC section leader for another 5.

There is no priority need for internet - but heavy use of message forms - 
printable text records.

To fill this need I have found RFSM2400 near perfect: field tests with 5 watts 
NVIS have connected every time and data got thru without fuss. The fact that 
pdf files can be sent interests me  in the case of getting a search map or fax 
type document out to a field search party.

I have not had enough experience understanding the functions FTP and mailbox 
yet as its new to all the operators I'm testing with and i may need to learn to 
write some scripts to get a few functions to operate automatically. One thing I 
have tested is I run the server as autostartup and it sets up and runs on power 
up. This is important because the unattended server needs to survive power 
interruptions etc.

My personal use desire was to have remote internet / email connectivity, for a 
friend with an RV, and this is what Pskmail is for. I have tested this also, 
starting with the GMFSK and lately fldigi modes.

Unfortunately, my ADSL connection does not enable me to connect to my ISP for 
email, so that part never works, and I have been unable to get a truly stable 
program running that could be easily operated by anybody and survive a power 
down restart. Tha actual PSK125 connections worked fine at 5 watts NVIS.

At this time I'm using RFSM2400 for the emergency comms projects, hoping to 
extend that role to include the needs of the nomadic traveller, and my 
microlight aircraft comms. If you have got familiar with how to deposit and 
fetch the files on a PC via the internet (maybe by using PC remote access?) I'd 
appreciate your help.

I intend revisiting PSKmail if I can figure how to set up the email to connect 
to my ISP and pull the messages - in my situation the ISP ADSL line is not the 
same as the one that I have my email account with. I'm thankful for the effort 
thats gone into developing this program, but unable to keep up with all the new 
versions while struggling to get the basics working.

Regards, Ralph ZL1TBG 

<<Do we have data from the various countries represented 
on this list as to the real vs theoretical probable 
role of Amateur Radio communications in disasters? 

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