[pskmail] jpskmail, pskmail client version 0.3.7

  • From: Per Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 11:53:54 +0200

Hi all,

Its taken quite a while but now its time for a new shiny release :-)
We've done a whole lot of things since 0.3.6 and the changelist is long.

A few highlights from the list:
- Translations, german user interface (more translators wanted).
- Server autolink, checkbox controlled
- aprs messaging fixes
- user interface cleanup
- Better error messages, cleaned up some of the more common
- New modem control tab in preferences. Now possible to have fldigi
running on a remote machine.
- Client now works even without rxtx installed (but a gps will need it)

There is a map tab in there and that is unfinished but gives an idea of
things to come in 0.3.8. The map tab loads from openstreetmap and you
can pan and zoom to check out openstreetmap. The plan is to use the map
to display received aprs data, grib weather and... well, more
There will be an offline map source included as well (provided there is
an ok license).

Also, there are installers for windows and linux that install what you
need and create menu shortcuts.

Installation for windows:
Just download jpskmail-0.3.7-Setup.exe and doubleclick on it.

Installation for linux:
1. Download jpskmail-0.3.7-Linux-x86-Install 
2. Make that file executable, either right click on it and select
properties and check the box that says "allow execution" (or similar) or
enter "chmod +x jpskmail-0.3.7-Linux-x86-Install" in a terminal.
3. double click on it and run through the wizard.

Installation for others (Macs, BSD etc):
There will be a zip archive available, just unzip that and launch the

You can get it all here:

Enjoy and 73,

Per - SM0RWO

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