[pskmail] Re: jpskmail not finding fldigi

  • From: John Douyere <vk2eta@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 07:46:36 +1000

Hi Brett,

Good to see your setup is now working.

Regarding the issue of account details and other confidentiality
issues unfortunately as you mentioned most countries (if not all)
prohibit encrypted message on Ham bands.

There are also issues of message content (e.g. prohibition of
advertising or providing financial gains like here in VK and most
likely in other countries), third party messages and other restrictive
regulations to take into account.

Like you did, the work around of most "Pskmailers" is to dedicate an
email account to this function.

Therefore your banking emails for example don't get mixed up with the ham ones.

But since Pskmail gives you access to your own email account and not a
fixed, pre-defined account like other systems, then the server has to
know what your details are.

The only option I would see which could provide with positive
identification using an open source system would be to have a dynamic
token embedded in your email sent over the air that your own personal
email robot would interpret.

That would mean running that robot on a computer at home through which
all email traffic is routed and verified. Each time you send an email,
the token is generated and included in the email.

Therefore using your email account details without knowing the method
to generate the token would result in no email traffic over the

Reception of email headers and selected emails could be implemented
via a reply to email in the same robot. That would protect the email
receiving end of the equation.

Not impossible but certainly not a trivial task in my opinion unless
someone has been over this before.

Alternatively, run an email system at home (pop3 and smtp relay) that
has an automatically generated password (a complicated algorithm based
on date for example) and update the Pskmal server every time (day) you
want access to your account.

Otherwise I can't see a solution as part of Pskmail per say since the
method of generating your secret token or password has to be just
that: secret.

Hope this helps,

All the best,

73, John

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 11:55 PM,  <pskmail@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 27/Jun/2010 02:55 P�r Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote ..
>> Hi Brett,
>> What version of fldigi are you using? Yes, jpskmail tries to connect to
>> fldigi through an ip socket and if it can not connect then it says so
>> (no fldigi seems to be running). You need a fairly recent fldigi, cant
>> remember when the socket was added now but make sure you run 3.20.17 as
>> the socket is a fairly recent addition.
>> 73 de Per, sm0rwo
> Greeting-
> I installed the current version of fldigi from source, tweaked pskmail 
> settings
> to match the port that lsof told me fldigi was holding open and it all seems 
> to
> work!  Thanks so much.
> Now I have to get my antenna back up in the air and register with a server
> somewhere.
> I am not keen on sending unencryted login/password info over the air, even if 
> it
> is compressed.  I am not really even keen on passing account info to the ham
> running the server via the internet.  I think  we need to be smart on how to
> handle credentials.  I know most countries prohibit crypto, but maybe we can
> come up with some means of passing crypted credetials to server operators who
> can not decrypt then, but can put them in place for use on the over the 
> internet
> portion of the link.
> It is an issue that does need some thinking.  For my own part I will set up a
> special mail account on my mail server for pskmail testing.
> 73
> -Brett wa3yre

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