[pskmail] Re: install problem on win 7 netbook

  • From: G6CKR <radio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 19:10:19 +0000

On 20/02/2011 18:31, Pär Crusefalk wrote:
2011-02-20 19:22, G6CKR skrev:
I just tried an install of 8.8 and get a series of error messages one is
an access denied file not found anther i fail to store beacon and I
missed the other .
Tried to launch again with fldigi running but got the same errors and in
both cases pskmail failed to appear.
This is a first time install on a netbook that is only a few weeks old
(not even got Linux dual boot installed yet hi )
73 Roger G6CKR

Hi Roger,

Win 7 is a strange beast. I have a Win 7 enterprise laptop I got from work and I have tested it there without a problem. Dave, KF4WBS, had issues that sound just like yours. What I think it all comes down to is that the client puts a pskmail folder within your user area. That folder was not read or writable for Dave and I think he had a hard time getting access to it. jpskmail wants to save your settings, your email etc somewhere and it does that within that pskmail folder. If it can not read or write it then it will not start up as it should.

I have started to redo the installer and hope I can get hold of a laptop somewhere that has this issue. For now you will have to right click on that folder and allow your user to read and write stuff within.

Another way could be to remove the folder and then start jpskmail and have it recreate the folder for you.

73 de Per

The pskmail folder is created read only and despite windows appearing to allow unslececting the read only button it is again shown as read only when properties are selected again. windows gives no indication that the change is not made it even gives the sub option to apply chnges to the sub-folders and files. Removing the folder and letting pskmail recreate it results in the same state.
trying XP comparability mode is all I can think of to try next.
73 Roger G6CKR

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