[pskmail] fldigi issues

  • From: per@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thur, 16 Jul 2009 15:29:33 CST

PSKmail message from per@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi all,

I'm portable on the Aaland islands (OH0), running the FT-897 and an 8 meter 
fishing pole on 80 meters. The server is pretty strong here so it works great.

I have had three issues with fldigi. The first is known, frequency drift. AFC 
on or off has minor effect but it drifts in both cases.
That I can handle but it also cuts the last character of the frames. I had to 
recompile jpskmail and include a few extra spaces after every frame to get 
through fldigi. Perhaps we should have an option in preferences for a preamble 
and end frame sequence, that way we can adapt to these mood swings in fldigi.
The third is also known but a problem still, after a while it only receives 
data and does not transmit. jpskmail is fine and the connection is still there 
but fldigi just will not transmit, a restart of both is needed.

Is it about time we replace fldigi?

73 de Per OH0/SM0RWO, sent on 80 meters.

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