[pskmail] Re: fldigi and pskmail not working together

  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 17:32:44 +0100

Hi Johan.... comments below
> I made a ubuntu 8.04 installation on a pc and yes that make's you 
> happy :-)
> Time and time zone are now working ok.
> Problem now is that the fldigi is working ok ( did make psk31 qso) 
> but not communicating with pskmail.
> my steps where:
> 1) i did download pskmail-1.0.3d.tar.gz and made an install, did 
> start pskmail without first starting fldigi not working. ( that is 
> obvious because there is not fldigi to do the communication)
> 2) did download fldigi 2.05 and instal, run fldigi ( that was working 
> ok made psk31 qso). 

pskmail-1.0.3d is only working with fldigi-3.04xx

fldigi 3.04 contains a new interface for pskmail, and important bug fixes.
You find it at www.w1hkj,com/ateam
As this is alpha code it has not been officially released.

  5) run fldigi 3.0 and make psk31 qso, start pskmail. In pskmail i 
> could not see any text being received by fldigi but when i did try to 
> make a connection with pskmail the transmitter would be put to tx but 
> i could not see any tx text in fldigi or in pskmail.

the monitor in pskmail reads the fldigi log file. Switch on logging in fldigi
(files->logfile) The twerminal window gets its infirmation fromm the tcp/ip 

>  6) downloaded pskmail 1.0.3f and fldigi 3.04 from the hermes server. 
> make an install, run fldigi and make psk31 qso.
> 7) start pskmail 1.0.3f, now i could again not see any trafic that 
> was received by fldigi in pskmail. ( i did receive to dx4xi-8 with 
> the weather info). Also when i did try to make contact with a sever 
> the transmitter would not turn to TX.

>  I could see in the pskmail directory the file snd that did have the 
> text that would be send out, but somehow it did not get to fldigi or 
> was displayed in pskmail.
> 2 questions. 
> Is it normal that PSKmail does not display any monitor information ?.
>  How can pskmail and fldigi work together ?.

kill all instances of fldigi and psk_arq.pl
then restart fldigi 3.04
then start pskmail. 
pskmail will automatically start the socket interface.


Rein CT3/PA0R/P, CS95A


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