[pskmail] Re: fldigi and pskmail not working together

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 13:36:34 +0100 (CET)

Installing libraries and Fldigi
You need to be connected to the internet to install the following packages:
libportaudio2, libhamlib2 and fldigi.

and the needed libraries:
libgtk2-gladexml-perl, libdigest-crc-perl, gpsd, Net::GPSD.

To install them just run the script from the installation directory
as root:

cd pskmail-x.x
sudo ./libinstall.sh

Installing pskmail
To install the newest version run the install.sh script from
the installation directory as root:

sudo ./install.sh

e.g.: cd pskmail-x.x
sudo ./install.sh

The install script copies the executables to their proper location
and makes a directory ~/.pskmail which contains your Inbox, Outbox etc.

Running pskmail
You run the program by typing

fldigi --profile emc &

...in a terminal. Keep the terminal open.

Lock the center frequency of fldigi with the 'Lk' button and
switch Files->logfile O
> I made a ubuntu 8.04 installation on a pc and yes that make's you happy
> :-)
> Time and time zone are now working ok.
> Problem now is that the fldigi is working ok ( did make psk31 qso) but not
> communicating with pskmail.
> my steps where:
> 1)  i did download pskmail-1.0.3d.tar.gz and made an install, did start
> pskmail without first starting fldigi not working. ( that is obvious
> because
> there is not fldigi to do the communication)
> 2) did download fldigi 2.05 and instal, run fldigi ( that was working ok
> made psk31 qso).
> 3) try to start pskmail on top of that but the communication between
> fldigi
> 2.05 and pskmail 1.0.3d is not working.
> 4) uninstall fldigi2.05 from system and did a reinstall
> of pskmail-1.0.3d.tar.gz ( i did find out that in the package of
> pskmail-1.0.3d.tar.gz  there is also a fldigi version, should have look
> better first time).
> 5) run fldigi 3.0 and make psk31 qso, start pskmail. In pskmail i could
> not
> see any text being received by fldigi but when i did try to make a
> connection with pskmail the transmitter would be put to tx but i could not
> see any tx text in fldigi or in pskmail.
> 6) downloaded pskmail 1.0.3f and fldigi 3.04 from the hermes server. make
> an
> install, run fldigi and make psk31 qso.
> 7) start pskmail 1.0.3f, now i could again not see any trafic that was
> received by fldigi in pskmail. ( i did receive to dx4xi-8 with the weather
> info). Also when i did try to make contact with a sever the transmitter
> would not turn to TX.
> I could see in the pskmail directory the file snd that did have the text
> that would be send out, but somehow it did not get to fldigi or was
> displayed in pskmail.
> 2 questions.
> Is it normal that PSKmail does not display any monitor information ?.
> How can pskmail and fldigi work together ?.
> 73 pe1prx Johan.
> 2008/11/26 Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Set the right time and time zone zone in puppy. (Desktop->time).
>> When the computer clock runs on UTC pskmail will show the right (system)
>> time.
>> With regard to the DCD issue:
>> Version 1.0 on the puppy cd is still on the old (POSIX SYSV mqueues)
>> interface.
>> There is an alpha version of the client (1.0.3f) on the hermes download
>> website with
>> a tcp/ip arq interface to fldigi. That one has a different DCD scheme,
>> it
>> triggers DCD
>> on ANY character received and has a hang time of 3 seconds.. It also
>> changes the
>> protocol so that only the server sends polls. It is work in progress,
>> but
>> is has a lot l
>> ess contention than the 'old' interface.
>> Only the client version has been changed, so the project is still
>> running.
>> As the new interface only works with fldigi > 3.04xx it has not been
>> released yet.
>> But even then, DCD does not work well on HF, so I am experimenting with
>> protocol enhancements....
>> 1 Watt will only work when the condx are optimal, which is in the
>> morning
>> hours
>> from PA0 to IS0... and sometimes also 23:00 UTC...
>> 73,
>> Rein CT3/PA0R/P, preparing CS95A and CT9L operations...
>> (internet works already :)
>> > -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>> > Von: "Per Crusefalk" <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> > Hi Johan,
>> >
>> > Right, Rein is correct abt the version dependencies. I'm looking at
>> the
>> > latest code here...
>> >
>> > Regarding timing that is a live cd issue, I don't know how you altered
>> > that time but it should of course have been ok in pskmail as well.
>> > A real linux installation will make you very happy :-)
>> >
>> > 73 de Per, sm0rwo
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> --
>> http://pa0r.blogspirit.com

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