[pskmail] Re: fldigi

  • From: Ian Bennett <ibennett@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2012 18:04:49 +1000

I've been using the "patched" version in the download section and have had no issues. I compiled it in my home directory (configure and make BUT NOT make install). I just run it from that directory in my home directory. This way any updates will not affect the "pskmail" version. I'm running Xubuntu 12.04 and had a bit of "package gymnastics" to get all the features I wanted. For what it's worth, these are the additional packages I had to install:
apt-get install build-essential
apt-get install libfltk1.3-dev
apt-get install libpng-dev (installs libpng12-dev)
apt-get install libsamplerate-dev
apt-get install portaudio19-dev
apt-get install libhamlib-utils
apt-get install libhamlib-dev
apt-get install libxmlrpc-c3-dev
The "with-xxx" switch to "configure" was real handy here, since left to it's own devices, configure will only compile in what dev files it can find. If you force it with "./configure --with-xmlrpc" for example and the xmlrpc dev files are not found, it will complain about missing package(s) which you can then install from the repository.
        "./configure --help" is your friend ;-)
I prefer having the modem separate from pskmail; the less that is run in java the better.


On 06/06/12 06:26, Glenn Roeser wrote:
I had my first fldigi lockup today in quite some time. Last night I had
uploaded a lot of updates for Ubuntu 12.04. I wonder if that had
something to do with it?
I'm running the 1.7.1 server.
Is it possible to have the modem built into the server, like we have now
with the new client 2.0.13?
Very 73 all, Glenn WB2LMV

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