[pskmail] Re: WAS session memory clear?

  • From: Greg <kb1ncj@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2012 07:48:58 -0500

Hi John. Somehow I didn't see this entire reply until now...

I always disable autorotate as my preference, so my devices don't use.

I have Motorola mb200 and lg vs740.

I use vox on rig.

I guess I expected auto revert to default mode.. (I see it not hear activity because either it didn't hear rsid or the beacon was without rsid .. modem seems to be decoding continually in thor 22 mode and maybe causes it to miss rsid?)

One idea I have is a new feature to change screens- terminal, email, aprs, etc by right/left slide instead of menu key and select.. That would make less cumbersome during operation I think..

I also have touchscreen errant behavior if I operate portable from rf energy. Do you think the new interface will resolve or maybe just bluetooth for total isolation is necessary?

Thanks and 73


On 11/26/2012 02:19 PM, John Douyere wrote:

Hi Greg,

Thanks, I need to look into this as I have noticed that situation in a couple of long exchanges.

One area I have had trouble with during development was the auto-screen rotate feature of Android as this causes normally an application to restart.

I wonder if the two are linked or not, so any hint would be a plus as it is not easy to reproduce.

Regarding the Wolphi interface it should work on most devices.

The phones can handle strait 3 pins jacks from earphones as well as 4 pins audio out left, audio out right, Mic in and ground. Just note the unusual position of the ground pin.

In the Andpskmail manual you can see in the simple non isolated interface description the adaptation circuit and 4 way plug connection.

If your interface provides a VOX or your radio does you should be able to make an adapter for it. Which model do you have?

Regarding the behaviour on RSID receipt, what behaviour did you expect?

If I remember well the PC version reverts back to the default mode every minute which I find a nuisance personally but I can add an option in the preferences.

All the best,

73, John

On Nov 24, 2012 10:29 PM, "Greg" <kb1ncj@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:kb1ncj@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Well to clarify, the issue seems to be that while connected only
    the app stops hearing the server and stops responding to it. The
    app still responds to screen navigation. Another issue is that
    after app hears rsid to a new mode while idle, it stays there and
    doesn't revert back to preferred mode even upon starting a new
    session or sending aprs beacon.. I admit my rx is still "over the
    air" as I haven't built or bought an interface for rx yet..  Does
    the interface by wolfi you mentioned work for all android devices?
    There is an illustration of a 3.5mm 4 conductor plug that is used
    for audio in, out and voltage but I have only used 3 cond plugs..
    is the 4th audio input there and I simply didn't know about it? If
    this is the case than building an adapter for my current
    "rigblaster" interface should be relatively simple.. I welcome
    some suggestions..


    On 11/24/2012 06:44 AM, John Douyere wrote:

    Great it worked Greg.

    On Android it is in preferences / Data exchange / Resume where
    you have the three options called Accept / Reject / Discard, with
    the default being "Accept".

    Interesting the issue of the application becoming unresponsive.

    The only issue that comes to mind is when you have either many
    downloaded messages in the inbox or some large ones.

    But this would happen whether you are connected to a server or not.

    Can I ask you to check if this is the case (i.e. that it is
    unresponsive also while not connected).

    And if yes, can you check that issuing a "Clear Inbox" command
    fixes the issue?

    If it is the case I will have to make the email display
    processing a background task.

    I am withholding a new version simply because I am waiting for
    the Fldigi team to finalize the RSID system for the new fast
    modes of the experimental Fldigi version.

    Apart from the new modes there are not a lot of new features
    apart from some real time clock displaying seconds in the
    terminal and aprs screens to make it easier when using scanning

    All the best Greg and good "Pskmailing".

    73, John (VK2ETA)

    On Nov 24, 2012 9:21 PM, "Greg" <kb1ncj@xxxxxxxxx
    <mailto:kb1ncj@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        Ok. I did figure that was the solution. The client defaulted
        back to "accept" on restart. Funny thing I noticed is the
        delete option was also selected while accept was selected.
        Seems like that would be conflicting.  I guess I'll have to
        be more aware of that now and itb explains why it was fine
        the session prior. Thanks for the help.

        Also John, I remeber having this happen a while ago using the
        andpskmail app. Is there a way in the app to accomplish the
        rejecting or deleting also? I have had some behaivior with
        the app where is becomes unresponsive during a connect
        session if I switch from terminal screen to email screen. I
         also wonder if there is an updated version as I have been
        using the one I have now for some months now..

        Thanks again,

        John Douyere <vk2eta@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:vk2eta@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        >There is an option regarding the client's behaviour when
        receiving a
        >partial download advice from the server.
        >As I only have an Android device in front of me I can't tell
        you the exact
        >location in the menu but there are three easily recognized
        >1. Resume downloads (the default)
        >2. Ignore (the partial download will remain on the server
        and the partial
        >download advice will therefore be sent at each subsequent
        connect until it
        >is fully downloaded or deleted ).
        >3. Reject/delete. The partial downloads are just deleted.
        >73, John (VK2ETA)
        >On Nov 24, 2012 9:26 AM, "Greg" <kb1ncj@xxxxxxxxx
        <mailto:kb1ncj@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
        >> I take that back.. on next reconnect, back to the huge
        download again..
        >> This time it stopped. I checked the bullet under file
        "delete partial
        >> downloads" was this the key? Did me next tx include some
        code to tell
        >> server to relent?
        >> Also, this last connect from south Florida to North
        Carolina was done
        >> Indoors from a building with a metal roof on a miracle
        whip portable
        >> antenna with 5 watts and thor 22.. my goodness! I just had
        to try it and
        >> almost 100% accuracy. It did switch to mfsk32.. is that a
        more suitable
        >> mode for my qrp experiments? By the way, I think Pskmail
        is Great!!
        >> 73
        >> Greg
        >> On 11/23/2012 02:46 PM, Robert Krasowski wrote:
        >>> Yep, I saw you connecting and saw that big file . I did
        not watch much
        >>> after that. I will send your info to our forum and see
        what advice will be.
        >>> I think it was my transceiver being off frequency. I
        tuned to 15.000 Mhz
        >>> and saw the marker on 14.998,54 not on 14.998,5. I see
        other stations now
        >>> on pskmail exactly where they should be.
        >>> Thanks for help and info.
        >>> Robert
        >>> KB2PNM
        >>> Sent from my iPhone
        >>> On Nov 23, 2012, at 1:02 PM, Greg <kb1ncj@xxxxxxxxx
        <mailto:kb1ncj@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
        >>>  I have this problem a few times now.. I accidentally
        request to download
        >>>> a large email and "quit" or "abort" (tried both). Upon
        next connections to
        >>>> server, the server begins to send the large email again
        without me
        >>>> requesting it again.. It allows no other activity and is
        stuck with this on
        >>>> every reconnect. I clear all headers, inbox, etc on
        jpskmail.. I think the
        >>>> may have been discussed before but not sure.. Is there a
        >>>> Thanks
        >>>> Greg
        >>>> KB1NCJ

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