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  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 09:32:02 +0100

Hi John, comments see below...

> Happy New Year to all.
> I was away for a while and discovered a lot of activity on the list.
> Great to see the Windows end of line issue resolved.
> I also tried the new auto speed features with 9.29 server and
> client while away camping.
> First: Per, regarding the initial link request I personnaly don't find
> it useful, especially since the autolink option (which is great) will
> request a link at a later stage.

I have already removed the initial link request... maybe we should  
store the 'autolink flag' which is default on at the moment, so 
off remains off at new start.
> When I get the Pskmail client going, it is generally with a specific
> task in mind and the initial link request is an annoyance in this
> case. But it depends on the patterns of use of course.
> Regarding the auto speed system of the server a few comments from my tests:
> 1. When I choose the mode combination in the preferences (block size
> variable) it seems to also affect the client's block size which is an
> issue. Maybe now is the time to separate the two. Otherwise I got
> emails sent with 256 bytes block sizes: there were quite a few repeats
> to get these blocks through..hihi

I will fix the client block size to 32 chars.

> 2. The PSKR modes, as per Rein's observations, are effective for NVIS
> conditions too  (300Km, 80M, morning and day time, static crashed in
> abundance) and seem to handle the resulting phase distortions and
> selective fading quite well. Not as good a Thor from my observations,
> but still very effective.
> 3. I had to modify the server to get access to slower Thor modes for
> the evening. Rein, can we have a table in the pskmailrc.pl file so
> that we can configure the mode combination? Different situations mean
> different needs.

yes, I will do that, the client can then switch it with mode profile 0 
(server default).

I am also thinking about allowing the client to send a custom profile to 
the server after linkup. Moreover, if you have a mode pair you need 
often, the mode table can still be changed...

> 4. I wished I had an asymmetric mode link-up: I could hear the server
> better that it could hear me, resulting in speed downgrading which was
> only necessary for the client status frames to be received properly.
> The data from the server could have stayed at maximum speed. The
> penalty was at least a factor a 4 in speed (PSK500R could have been
> used instead of PSK125R). In my case where I regularly download web
> pages for bush fire alerts and weather forecasts this would be great.

I will think about it... I am a bit worried about the amount of RSID'ing it 
would take, maybe I should think about fixed, but different speeds?
Is a combination of PSK500R-PSK125R ok as a starting point?
Needs some experimenting...
> 5. Agree that RSID needs improvement in reliability.

I now have an issue with PSK500 decoding. PSK500 needs a preamble of 
'XXXXXX' to decode the start of a packet. I see the squelch bar dive down to 
zero and then build up when the packet starts.... After going through fldigi 
code for 8 hours 
I have found no difference so I wonder if somebody else sees this.


Rein PA0R

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