[pskmail] Re: Trouble connecting

  • From: "Rein Couperus" <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 21:15:03 +0100 (CET)

OK, that is more info :-) looks like fldigi tries to open an RS232 port which 
is not available.
Maybe rigcontrol?
The ARQ server in fldigi has a standard port, and that should be opened 
automatically (port 7322).

Difficult to help you when I am not on board :-)


>> Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 11:04:54 +1100
>> Subject: [pskmail] Re: Trouble connecting
>> From: John Douyere <vk2eta@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Hi Christian,
>> I will start with the end as it will put the other explanations in context:
>> A. I would use a mode that does not care too much about frequency
>> accuracy and does not use automatic frequency control like THOR22 or
>> even THOR11. Since both these modes can be used by the European and
>> North-American servers and they are very robust I think this is your
>> best bet........<snip>
>Thanks John, will try A, B and C tonight.
>> Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 03:29:58 +0100 (CET)
>> From: "Rein Couperus" <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Subject: [pskmail] Re: Trouble connecting
>> Christian,
>> the network issue is probably caused by jPSkmail trying to connect to the 
>> Igate network.
>> You can disable the network connection by going to the Igate screen and 
>> disselecting the
>> Igate status ckeck button.
>> If there is no network available (which is normal at sea), when jPSKmail 
>> will try to connect to the
>> APRS server, the network socket will wait until the network socket is 
>> relinquished.
>> This can take up to 3 minutes.... but jPSKmail will start after the network 
>> driver gves up...
>> You will neee some patience!
>> Buy try with the  Igate disconnected first...
>[pskmail] Re: Trouble connecting
>Ok, I think I wasn' very clear in my bugreport. Here it comes again:
>The Problem is when I start fldigi- it can't create the arq server.
>FLDIGI log:
>Q: main: fldigi 3.21.30 log started on Thu Jan 19 14:19:26 2012
>Q: log_excluded_modes: RSID (tx) : CW BPSK31 RTTY
>Q: log_excluded_modes: CWID : CW
>Q: log_excluded_modes: VIDEOID : CW BPSK31 RTTY
>I: testCommPorts: Found serial port /dev/ttyS0
>I: testCommPorts: Found serial port /dev/ttyS1
>I: testCommPorts: Found serial port /dev/ttyS2
>I: testCommPorts: Found serial port /dev/ttyS3
>E: open_tty: Could not open "/dev/ttyUSB0": Datei oder Verzeichnis
>nicht gefunden
>E: start: Could not start ARQ server (getaddrinfo: Die Adressfamilie
>f?r Hostnamen wird nicht unterst?tzt)
>E: start: Could not start XML-RPC server (getaddrinfo: Die
>Adressfamilie f?r Hostnamen wird nicht unterst?tzt)
>I: do_readfile: Reading 111 bytes from logbook.adif
>I: do_readfile: NO RECORDS IN FILE
>So, jpskmail has nothing to do with it. It all happens before I start
>jpskmail. Of course, If fldigi is in his state, jpskmail complains
>about not beeing able to connect to the arq server (which just isn't
>The current workaround is tho create an ad-hoc network with the on
>board wifi which somehow lets fldigi create a server. It seems to be
>quite reliable.
>> Rein PJ4/PA0R @ PJ4C
>Thanks for all your help, will report my progress.
>73, DL3ZFC

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