[pskmail] Re: Trouble connecting

  • From: Christian Wagner <wagnerschristian@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 16:00:26 -0400

Hi All,
Almost no progress.
I found out that after the dirty fix of the tuner (the icom
transceiver won't send a tune start signal- so I pull the line to
ground manually), I get no reading on the ALC meter anymore, so I
really can't tell anymore if my signal is any good.
I'm not sure if the tuner fix is the problem, because when I speak in
the mic- everything is normal, so I ripped the sound card interface
apart (again).....this sets me back about a month. AAARG.

Anyways. I was able to ping some servers before that- in the
night/morning I was able to get a response from KB2PNM, in the late
afternoon from DK4XI-3. I got about 72 % from each server.
During the day i get almost nothing- PSK traffic on the band is barely
audible with lost of QRM. It seems that the 30 m band works best at
night- is this true?

@Rein: You where right, the missing tty was the PTT control which was
not present when I "generated" the log. PTT keying works fine. The
lines I was refering to in my ARQ-Server problem were:

>E: start: Could not start ARQ server (getaddrinfo: Die Adressfamilie
>f?r Hostnamen wird nicht unterst?tzt)
>E: start: Could not start XML-RPC server (getaddrinfo: Die
>Adressfamilie f?r Hostnamen wird nicht unterst?tzt)

Thanks again for all your input, Christian

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