[pskmail] Trouble connecting

  • From: Christian Wagner <wagnerschristian@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 19:49:55 -0400

Hello Pskmailers,
first of all thank you for providing this excellent service.
My name is Christian (DL3ZFC/MM), I am currently on a sailing trip.
During our recent atlantic crossing I was able to send position
beacons and aprs emails in unconnected mode. Even though my antenna
tuner din't work at all!!
The tuner problem is fixed now.
Nevertheless I cannot connect reliably to a server. I have a lot of
noise in the waterfall just above 1000 Hz, and the area scanned by
fldigi always jumps to this noise- no mater what I do- it doesn't
stick to 1000 Hz.
Also, which modes should I use- the american ones- or the european
ones- currently I am in Martinique in the carribean.
Next thing I noticed that in Debian Squeeze (using jpskmail client 1.0
or 1.4 and Fldigi 3.20.20) the arq server doesn't start unless I open
a wireless network. Fldigi 3.20.20 complains about not being able to
get addrinfo.... I think it is a Debian networking issue.
What can I do to improve on the server connection? Right now I don't
get a response on a ping at all.
Help appreciated,
Christian (DL3ZFC)

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