[pskmail] Re: Third Party Traffic Restrictions ?

  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 15:56:35 +0100

Fortunately you can first get the mail headers and then decide what you 

I think most of the reasons for the restrictions (not allowed to compete with a 
commercial service) 
are not very sensible anymore for a system as slow as pskmail....

The same rules apply as for a winlink PMBO, and they have been sending 
commercial data 
in an unreadable way for years... With pskmail you have the choice to use no 

Rein PA0R

> Betreff: [pskmail] Third Party Traffic Restrictions ?

> If I use the PSKMAIL Client to retrieve my email , and that email -for
> example- is from my sister  in New Zealand , a non-ham,...  would that
> breach the USA's restrictions on third party traffic?  The three
> parties would be the PSKMAIL server, my sister  and then me.  Perhaps
> because the third part (me) is a ham, it is OK ?
>   It has been a while, I assume the third party restrictions on USA
> hams are still in effect.
> Andy K3UK
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> §97.115 Third party communications.
> (a) An amateur station may transmit messages for a third party to:
>       (1) Any station within the jurisdiction of the United States.
>       (2) Any station within the jurisdiction of any foreign
> government when transmitting emergency or disaster relief
> communications and any station within the jurisdiction of any foreign
> government whose administration has made arrangements with the United
> States to allow amateur stations to be used for transmitting
> international communications on behalf of third parties. No station
> shall transmit messages for a third party to any station within the
> jurisdiction of any foreign government whose administration has not
> made such an arrangement. This prohibition does not apply to a message
> for any third party who is eligible to be a control operator of the
> station.
> (b) The third party may participate in stating the message where:
>       (1) The control operator is present at the control point and is
> continuously monitoring and supervising the third party's
> participation; and
>       (2) The third party is not a prior amateur service licensee
> whose license was revoked or not renewed after hearing and
> re-licensing has not taken place; suspended for less than the balance
> of the license term and the suspension is still in effect; suspended
> for the balance of the license term and re-licensing has not taken
> place; or surrendered for cancellation following notice of revocation,
> suspension or monetary forfeiture proceedings. The third party may not
> be the subject of a cease and desist order which relates to amateur
> service operation and which is still in effect.
> (c) No station may transmit third party communications while being
> automatically controlled except a station transmitting a RTTY or data
> emission.
> US Amateurs May Handle Third-Party Traffic With:
> V2    Antigua/Barbuda
> LO-LW         Argentina
> VK    Australia
> V3    Belize
> CP    Bolivia
> T9    Bosnia-Herzegovina
> PP-PY         Brazil
> VE, VO, VY    Canada
> CA-CE         Chile
> HJ-HK         Colombia
> D6    Comoros (Federal Islamic Republic of)
> TI, TE        Costa Rica
> CM, CO        Cuba
> HI    Dominican Republic
> J7    Dominica
> HC-HD         Ecuador
> YS    El Salvador
> C5    Gambia, The
> 9G    Ghana
> J3    Grenada
> TG    Guatemala
> 8R    Guyana
> HH    Haiti
> HQ-HR         Honduras
> 4X, 4Z        Israel
> 6Y    Jamaica
> JY    Jordan
> EL    Liberia
> V7    Marshall Islands
> XA-XI         Mexico
> V6    Micronesia, Federated States of
> YN    Nicaragua
> HO-HP         Panama
> ZP    Paraguay
> OA-OC         Peru
> DU-DZ         Philippines
> VR6   Pitcairn Island*
> V4    St. Kitts/Nevis
> J6    St. Lucia
> J8    St. Vincent and the Grenadines
> 9L    Sierra Leone
> ZR-ZU         South Africa
> 3DA   Swaziland
> 9Y-9Z         Trinidad/Tobago
> TA-TC         Turkey
> GB    United Kingdom
> CV-CX         Uruguay
> YV-YY         Venezuela
> 4U1ITU        ITU - Geneva
> 4U1VIC        VIC - Vienna


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