[pskmail] Re: TXdelay for server

  • From: John Douyere <vk2eta@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 13:51:44 +1100

Hi Robert,

I am not sure I understood you properly but let me make sure there is no 

The rxdelay parameter in the server is a delay added between the end of 
receiving and interpreting the received data from the client and its transition 
to TX.

So it does not have any effect on the fact that the server is missing the 
beggining of the client's data.

What I think you describe is a too small value of the txdelay of the client.

I definitely recommend at least 1 or even 2 seconds to start with on the 
client. Especially if the client runs on a fast machine or Android device.

Please leave the TX delay at 1 on the server, and get the client to increase 
its delay to 2 to start with.

I am sure the exchange will be smoother. Timeouts on missed exchanges are much 
more costly in terms of lost time than a slightly too long TX delay.

Hope this helps,

73, John

Robert Krasowski <rkrasowski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi all, 
>we have been successfully exchanging email with my friend on sailing boat. 
>One thing is problematic. With the setting of TXdelay=1, and modes TX=PSK250R 
>and RX=PSK250, server switch to receive too late and is catching only the end 
>of Client response. Not a killing problem but a problem that cause delays. 
>Best Regards 

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