[pskmail] Re: Success

  • From: Stephen Rector <stefano@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 01:40:51 -0700

Well - *almost* success.

 Although the poptest script retrieves headers fine, the jpskmail client over 
the RF link, using the pskmail_server does not (meaning the server does not). I 
notice that if I try to erase a session password in the jpskmail client 
(1.5.29) - it does not stay erased, and when I bring up the prefs again, the 
field appears to be filled even though I emptied it. I may be failing to 
initialize the server properly to accept a new user. Is there a precise 
transaction list for a new user of a server to follow, and the responses to 
expect? That has been a sticky thread on the listserver, and I thought i had it 
right, but maybe not. When should the session password be empty, and when 
should it be filled?


Steve NU7B… 01:39 PDT, 08:39 Zzz…..

On Jun 16, 2014, at 11:20 PM, Stephen Rector <stefano@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Per:
> I proceeded on the assumption that something in the PuppyLinux distro from 
> http://pskmail.org/Puppy.html wasn’t correct for the POP3Client perlscript. 
> So I followed the procedure for installing the relevant perl modules 
> described under Ubuntu 7.0, step 11, at http://pskmail.wikispaces.com/Server 
> . After doing this, I ran poptest and got my email headers.
> That was the last hurdle to bringing a server up. Shortly I’ll check email 
> from the client side rf-linked. If all goes well I’ll bring up the server 
> tomorrow night - probably 20 meters for now. Presently I only have one 
> station antenna - I have a wire antenna / balun ready to put up for the 
> server when I get some time - possibly this weekend. At that point, I could 
> switch the server to 30m.
> Thanks Per. Be aware that the Puppy Linux distro at pskmail.org, while it has 
> the perl directories, does not have them pre-configured. The terminal 
> commands in Step 11 above, are requires to get a working POP3Client.
> Steve NU7B  :-D
> On Jun 16, 2014, at 7:45 PM, Stephen Rector <stefano@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Per:
>> Access to your subversion directory works fine - thanks. I ran the perl 
>> script and it failed - possibly this means that Mail and POP3client are not 
>> properly installed? I see them in two paths:  /usr/share/perl5/Mail, and 
>> initrd/mnt/dev_save/usr/share/perl5/Mail .  I’ll try to see how this is 
>> being invoked by the pskmail_server. Perhaps some paths are wrong.
>> There’s a subtext here for me to address later after this is solved. I’m 
>> running Puppy Linux as a VM on Parallels running on a Mac. The Mac is 
>> BSD-Unix with all dev tools and a separate /sw directory with lots of 
>> self-contained X11/unix libs and headers, including perl, gcc, cmake, gnome, 
>> gtk and lots of unixy goodness. A task for this student (later) might be to 
>> chuck Puppy Linux and run this native in /sw.
>> But for now - the poptest script fails - returns -1, and that’s where things 
>> are at. Seamonkey mail for the same pop address works fine in the same VM. 
>> I’ll hunt for a path problem - let me know if you suspect anything else.
>> Thanks for your help Per. I’d like to reciprocate by putting the US west 
>> coast on the map, although my station is modest.
>> 73,
>> Steve NU7B
>> On Jun 15, 2014, at 10:06 PM, Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Signed PGP part
>>> Hi,
>>> You can always find the source at subversion, there is a web interface
>>> to that here: http://www.crusefalk.se/websvn/
>>> The file is within jpskmail/trunk/pskmailutils and I hope this direct
>>> link will work:
>>> http://www.crusefalk.se/websvn/filedetails.php?repname=jPSKmail&path=%2Ftrunk%2Fpskmailutils%2Fpoptest.pl
>>> 73, Per
>>> sm0rwo
>>> Stephen Rector skrev 2014-06-16 02:31:
>>> > Thank You Pär:
>>> >
>>> > I’ll try poptest.pl as soon as I can find it. The only link I can find
>>> that hosts it is your own website, and that link is stale. I cant find
>>> it on the wiki anywhere. Can you send it or point me to it?
>>> >
>>> > Also, I changed my pop server to yahoo.com to see if that pop account
>>> behaved differently. I get the same behavior - smtp connection allows
>>> outgoing mail, and incoming mail yields “No mail”, with the initial
>>> connection asking for an updated email setting. When I updated the email
>>> to the new account, one of the scripts threw several errors (before the
>>> update was acknowledged as valid), but I don’t see these in the pskmail
>>> server log. Is there another log somewhere I can check, related to pop?
>>> >
>>> > Thanks,
>>> >
>>> > Steve NU7B
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > On Jun 15, 2014, at 12:34 PM, Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> >
>>> >> Hi Steve,
>>> >>
>>> >> I just tried poptest.pl to get my pop email from gmail and it worked
>>> fine. Poptest.pl contains the same method that is in the server, I just
>>> moved it to a test script before to make it easier to test it.
>>> >> If you could try that script then you could make sure your gmail pop
>>> settings are ok before you have to debug anything. Mail in pskmail is
>>> handled by the pskmail server, your client send the details to the
>>> server that gets the mail for you. That means its the server that has to
>>> worry about ssl to the gmail pop servers. jPSKmail does not have to
>>> worry about any certificates, it just send the details to the server
>>> that gets your mail. This approach makes sense in many ways, not least
>>> in that we avoid encryption over the air. That is unfortunately not
>>> allowed in most countries (it's fine here in Sweden btw). So, yes,
>>> jPSKmail 1.5.29 does support pop from gmail.
>>> >>
>>> >> 73, Per
>>> >> sm0rwo
>>> >>
>>> >
>>> >

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