[pskmail] Some test on 1.5.25 client

  • From: Franco Spinelli <frspin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 11:57:20 +0200

After lot of time I have done some test with 1.5.25 client and Fldigi
I am using the "not patched" version of Fldigi because I am not testing
new modes

There are some problems:

1 - at startup client show PSK500R as current mode, Fldigi is in another
mode (last used) and Menu -> Modes show Contestia as current mode.
Changing to PSK500R in this menu correct mode in Menu and also in Fldigi

2 - SQL in Fldigi is turned off at each minute (00 seconds)

3 - connected to PI4TUE today 21/09 at 09:46 GMT I get a broken
connection. PI4TUE vanished in the middle of a TX. I don't know if this
is a client problem or a PI4TUE problem


Franco Spinelli

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