[pskmail] Some notes from the skype conference

  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 18:10:17 +0200

Hi all,

Thanks to those that took part in the pskmail conference. I think this was a very nice conference and we should do this again. Anyway, I tried to take a few notes during the discussions. Not everything is in there as my multitasking abilities need some work. Here are the notes I took:

- Client versions

It is a problem to maintain two versions of the client. We should focus on one version (2). Dave: has issues with the sound cards in version 2. Several laptops show issues.
Chuck Strand: Signalink has not worked

When using Linux: Install Pulseaudio.
When using Win7: set soundcard to audio default, audio capture default.

SM0RWO will create a spreadsheet with where we can write test results from testing the version 2 client. That spread sheet is here: http://goo.gl/fAYrS
Please test version 2 and write your experience in that spreadsheet!

Dave: What is the maximum speed in version 2? Will it have all the new modes from fldigi? Rein: Not at the beginning but if we are all using version 2 then we can work on that.

Dave: Mbox menu indicating local message is always on in the version 1.
Per: That seems like a bug in version 1.5.10. It should not be like that.

Dave: Would like to see Aprs beacon from server with local message status.
Rein: will look into that.

- Local mail:

We then had a lengthy discussion about local mail that I took part in and I have not written much about. Anyway, we could send local mail to another server like: sm0rwo@pi4tue. That mail can be sent server to server in the future with forwarding. Any address, send to sm0rwo@anyserver. Leave it to the system to look at what server a client has been connected to and forward there.
Routes can also be downloaded from the server.

Trying to test pskmail using andpskmail and it is working.
Had a crash when updating the server, actually it always crashes when uploading user settings. For the android client he would like to have received servers automatically listed on the server list.
Have not tested grib yet, there is a grib reader on android.

UTF8 greek characters do not work.
Per: Compressed messages will transfer anything so should work?
Rein: The viewer may be messed up?

Tried a few connections and it was nice. Have not tried the version 2.
Had an issue with getting stuck in modes in 1.5.8. Could have been the RSID settings?

Used to be a test engineer (Per: we need your help :-)).
Have issues receiving servers as the noise floor is terrible (caused by railways??).
Per: I will look into adding 40 meters on the server. Will report back.

- Android version:
SV1OCH: News and web access: create a way of seeing the rss feeds.
From the client, request rss from a site.
Per: I will send a perl script with rss fetch to Rein. I used to do this on the server.

Have a test server in the works.
Testing is working out.

Running older server. Been busy with another project but will upgrade asap.

If you are on deck alone. Have a button that connects and sends/gets email.
Rein: optional automatic mail drop in the works already.
Per: This has been requested from several sailors. When sailing alone I prefer to stay alert and outside as much as possible.

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