[pskmail] Re: Some newbie questions testing jpskmail- client

  • From: Peter Olsen <petero@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 21:48:50 +0100

Dear Rein,

Thanks for the below answers, they helped for all but the mode used when sending a link request (question 1, where I should have written "link->link" or "autolink", not "link->connect").

I have spent a couple of hours on it today with no progress, I will report back again when I have had time to do some more systematic tests and write down exactly what I do and what happens.

Peter, OZ1QT

Rein Couperus wrote:
Hi Peter, comments below...

I would appreciate some help (or documentation pointers) with the 
following newbie questions; I am now testing the alpha-release 
of jpskmail with fldigi 3.13BL (under Linux Ubuntu 9.10):

1) No matter which mode or mode profile I choose, jpskmail always turns 
my fldigi into PSK500R mode when sending a ping or a link->connect request.

Is this default PSK500R-setting on purpose and if so why? Can it be avoided?
This setting is on purpose, it reflects the mode the servers listen in when not connected.
You can change the default mode in the Mode menu
E.g. on 10147 kHz the servers use PSK500R, on 10148 PSK250 is used as default.

Best profile on 10147 is 9 or 8, on 10148 (intermar servers) it is 5 (PSk250).

2) When I have just started fldigi and after a while then start 
jpskmail, the red "channelbar" above the cursor in the fldigi waterfall 
becomes light blue (for a while), except at the outer edges. I have 
never seen that before, what does it mean? At the same time, it seems 
that the fldigi is working in AFC mode, as the receiving frequency - 
when no signal is present  - often drops about 30 Hz below the sweet 
spot (I normaly do not use the AFC mode of fldigi).
Pskmail automatically sets AFC on. You can limit the AFC range in the fldigi config->modems menu.
I normally set the limits to 10 Hz.

3) Although a mode profile has been selected in jpskmail, it is still 
possible to select a specific (different) mode by means of the radio 
buttons under the "mode" menu. What is the significance of the mode 
setting there in relation to the selected mode profile?
You can set the mode for APRS and connect requests. This will also be 
the default for the client. The client resets the mode to default once per minute 
when you are not connected.

4) Who actually should control the TxID, RxID and mode settings of the 
fldigi process before a connect attempt is made? The user or jpskmail?
The TxID, RxID and mode are controlled by the server in connected mode.
It is best to leave them OFF during non-connected times, 
to prevent other stations from changing your listening mode.

5) When should the mode profile "server default" be used, and what is 
the effects of choosing this mode profile?
server default mode is experimental. and is not used yet.
The servers can set a pair of default modes, this is not done yet..


Rein Pa0R


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