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  • Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 09:25:39 +0100

Hello my friend OM, today the server IQ1GP (ITALY), is active.Frequency10.147, 5 kHz, APRS beacon every 60 minuts.Psk 250.The server, is being testing.A soon.

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Is there an Puppy ISO made with this version or can we get a Puppy mail ISO made with this version and FLdigi, so we can stay up to dated with fixes.

Russell NC5O
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Subject: [pskmail] Server update

A new server is available at:

Version 0.9.23 fixes the 'already connected to xxx' bug, and
also handles PSK500 + RSID + scanning correctly.
It should be used with fldigi-3.13AZ (also in the same directory).


Rein PA0R


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