[pskmail] Re: Server acking an APRS message??

  • From: Hal <IamW8MCH@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 10:46:13 -0500

On 11-18, Rein Couperus wrote:
<snipped> Answered all questions nicely.. Thanks..

> > <Hal wrote>
> >     Checking the servers web site has been inconclusive due to
> > propogation and the fact he copies me OK but doesn't always transfer the
> > message to the INet.. TIA!! I'm learning. HI..
> >
> Not always, or never? Once is enough to see if the smtp server config is o.k.

        Not always because I note some incomplete transmissions or
receiving that I'm sure is thrown away.. However latest try didn't make
it either even though the RX and TX reports were complete including the
report from the spotter page:

        I entered an eMail: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Thanks Rein for your
help. Hal..
        It was not received /or/ at least not posted by freelists.org..
I'm presuming a filter got in the way..

        TIA again,

        Vy 73 de Hal--W8MCH    UNIX-GNU/Linux - Slackware 11.0,

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