[pskmail] Re: Server Problems

  • From: Rein Couperus PA0R <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 11:06:21 +0200

I have had some time during my trip to look at your problems.
Lets try to find out what happens, first the READ problem...

* There may be a bug in the server which blocks READ and QTC? on the
first connect after a restart, so please connect, disconnect, connect
again and try READ 1.

* Have you tried MAIL (download)? It works the same as READ, but without
specifying message numbers (again, use the second or third connect).

If that does not help it gets more complicated, but also more
interesting for me, as there may be possible bugs I have not found yet.

I have been looking at the code in rflinkserver.pl. It looks like there
is enough debugging code in there which you can use to see what happens.

Try the following: In line 42 of rflinkserver.pl there is a line which
looks like: 

$monitor = 0; -> change this to $monitor = 1;

That should print a lot of debug info to the server terminal while you
try to download the mail. Amongst other things it will print the
complete message to the terminal you started rflinkserver.pl from.

You can see what it is supposed to do by looking at the print statements
in the code starting with sub read_mail().

Also the 'die' statements will issue error messages for debugging
purposes, which are printed on a higher level of the code at 
eval { read_mail() }, search for 'READ' in the code to find the spot.

What you can also do is start rflinkserver.pl with $monitor = 1; try
READ 1 and send me a copy of what the server terminal prints, and a copy
of server.log (to my private address, not to the list)  so I can have a
look at the error messages.

Secondly, the SEND problem...

Is the error message the same every time? 
>> <SOH>))#Error sending mail : Could not o7D16<SOH>00S pen Connection:
> >> invalid argumentB5EC<SOH>))% at ./rflinkserver.pl line
> >> 1286.2DF6<SOH>00&
> )

When this is the case, I'd like to have a copy of the corresponding part
of gMFSK.log, as it looks like there is a parse error I may have to

Hope I am not asking too much, but it is the only way to find out if I
have to do more work :)


Rein PA0R

(PS: I am sending this to the list as it may have some educative
value :).

On Fri, 2006-08-18 at 21:10 -0700, ve7cus@xxxxxxx wrote:

> >> I am still having problems getting the server working properly. It
> >> will not download the mail to the client. This is what I get when I
> >> try to read a message:-
> >>
> >>
> >> rrrrrrrr<SOH>00s"~READ 1
> >> 0438<SOH>00s",,67E2<EOT>
> >> <SOH>00s,"0006<E0T>
> >> <S0H>00s",,67E2<EOT>
> >> <SOH>00s,"0006<E0T>
> >> <SOH>00s",,67E2<EOT>
> >> <SOH>00--end-
> >> 0220<SOH>00s-""C057<EOT>
> >>
> >>
> >> When I try to send mail I get:-
> >>
> >>
> >> <SOH>))#Error sending mail : Could not o7D16<SOH>00S pen Connection:
> >> invalid argumentB5EC<SOH>))% at ./rflinkserver.pl line
> >> 1286.2DF6<SOH>00&
> >>

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