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Hi Paul,

Thanks for pointing that out and he needs to have upgraded as you mentioned for running the 1.03 server version.

But the message he mentioned in the first post ("Mode not in list: PSK250") is a message issued by the server Perl script itself, hence my reply.

Unless I am missing something else.

I must point out also that if a US based call sign connects to his server, the link will be done using the alternative table (the one with PSK250 as maximum) as the client's software makes the difference between USA and non USA call signs. And this regardless of the mode his server is listening in.

The extensive usage if RSID means that the mode the sever is now listening in is of little importance, except marginally for unproto (ping, links and beacon) transmissions.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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John, Gary uses an old version fldigi, as far as I know only 5.20 and higher works with R



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Then there is no need to change the software and I suggest you use

PSK500R (as fast than PSK250 and more sensitive ( 1 or 2 dB) and more

robust to QRM but double the bandwidth), or PSK250R (1/2 speed of

PSK250 but far more robust and same bandwidth).

Please note that we successfully use a 500Hz CW filter with PSK500 and

PSK500R if you like to use one, which I would recommend if you have

one in the radio.

Hope this helps,

Best 73's,


On , barkerg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> John: The Canadian regulations don't mention baud rate, only a maximum


> bandwidth of 1 KHz on 30m and 6 KHz on most other HF bands as per the


> attached document. I will try Paul's fldigi upgrade suggestion first.




> Thanks,


> Gary

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