[pskmail] Re: Sailing with AIS and PSKmail

  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 16:50:37 +0200

Thanks Christian,

Your ebox should be more than capable of this.
I have no PC's on the boat (besides a laptop). What power I have from the 50 watt solar panel is quickly used by the refrigerator, TV, stereo, lamps, water pump, lanterns, VHF etc. so I'm looking into low power solutions. Also, tablets and phones like power too :-).

73, Per

Den 2015-09-23 kl. 12:57, skrev Christian F8DZE:

Hi Per,
I am also sailing during 2 month at summer time. We often go from French Britany to Spain
I use OpenCpn on a MX3310 e-box also managing Jpskmail 2 connected to a FT-100.
Sure a box or a piece of software able to convert APRS messages to "AIS" would be great as any modern marine display could display both AIS and APRS.
Good idea, Per,
Best 73s,
Christian de F8DZE

> To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> From: per@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [pskmail] Sailing with AIS and PSKmail
> Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 10:43:20 +0200
> Hi all,
> Sailing season has ended for me, next week my boat is on land and I'll
> prepare it for winter.
> So, now begins the "silly sailing season" when I get to prepare for next
> years sailing.
> This year we had some semi long trips with legs of up to 80-100 nm and a
> few weeks at sea. While sailing I have my plotter right at the wheel and
> at the moment I lack AIS information there. We did cross the bigger
> shipping lanes and of course had to keep a sharp lookout, as always.
> I will connect an AIS receiver to be able to see the other ships
> earlier/better. The bigger ferries do 30 knots so in a few narrow
> passages I would have liked to see where they were going earlier. But, I
> would also like to see other boats that use aprs on my plotter and of
> course I would like to have pskmail integrated too. So, I built an aprs
> to ais gateway. That way I can have both AIS, APRS and PSKmail tracks on
> my plotter. It converts APRS pos messages into NMEA AIVDM with AIS
> Payload containing AIS message type 1 (Position report class A) which
> any AIS capable plotter must handle. I intend to add type 5 also to get
> some more data across. I have it on a PC now but that won't do on the
> boat, I'm thinking arduino to save power and size.
> So, I just wonder if that kind of thing could be interesting for others
> with boats? A small box that lets you connect AIS and APRS sources to a
> dedicated plotter or software (OpenCPN for PC or android works fine btw).
> 73, Per
> sm0rwo

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