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  • From: "Gunnar Bulukin" <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011 15:23:55 +0100

OK Roger got that and will check settings again. From what I understand it
seems to connect ok now.
One thing that I have to talk to Rain/Pär/? about is if I make my server
permanent if 1101 on the hr, 20 and 40 is ok to TX on without to interfere
with the other servers. Also if it is needed to have an server at my QTH? No
idea to fill the world with servers!!!
If ok I have to get a new rig for this because the IC-706MKIIG I will
install in my sailing boat and the 2 IC-707, from what I understand, are
difficult to get to work with this apl. (a bit to old!)
I also need to make a new installation of Ubuntu on my fanless computer to
make things more permanent, CD and stick is ok but not optimal.
Going from 0 to 30% learning has taken some time going from 31 to 100% will
take quite some time more and there are more things around the house that
has to be taken care of;-)
73 de Gunnar 

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Ämne: [pskmail] Re: SV: Re: SV: Re: SV: Re: SV: Re: Ping

  You don't need Cat control for the sound card tweak it just moves the
actual audio tone tx frequency up or down by the set adjustment.
Your TX frequency is made up of the dial frequency plus the waterfall
setting say 1KHz.
If your actual TX frequency turns out to be say 10 Hz too high, setting -10
in Fldigi sound card TX offset will make the tone centre 990 Hz and correct
the difference.
It is there for situations where the RX frequency is fine but the TX needs
minor adjustment.
73 Roger G6CKR

On 06/03/2011 13:43, Gunnar Bulukin wrote:
> I am not using CATcontrol so I am changing on the rig. I will go back 
> to .01 from .00 1315Z
> 73 Gunnar
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> Ämne: [pskmail] Re: SV: Re: SV: Re: SV: Re: Ping
> go 10146.1 first a .2 jump will be too far. the .1 might be as well 
> You can make small changes in fldigi under sound card TX off set 1Hz 
> at a time add - for lower just the number for higher.
> But you are close enough to wait for a few more opinions before you do 
> anything.
> 73 Roger
> On 06/03/2011 11:19, Gunnar Bulukin wrote:
>> Ok Roger, I will change down to 10146,0 from 10146,02 please inform 
>> me if there is an improvement.
>> If you have the time can you send me a mail via my mail gate.
>> 73 de Gunnar
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>> Ämne: [pskmail] Re: SV: Re: SV: Re: Ping
>> Done and it works.
>> First connect failed.
>> Second was OK.
>> Server update seemed to go through but I did not get a message back 
>> the first time.
>> After the "don't know how " message the second update was 
>> acknowledged OK and a mail check worked.
>> As there was not mail (as expected) I downloaded the Fleet codes.
>> There were some repeats but not enough to cause a mode change.
>> Final observation, you TX may be a few Hz HF still, compared to 
>> SM0RWO but it is not far.
>> 73 Roger
>> G6CKR
>> On Sun, 2011-03-06 at 08:43 +0100, Gunnar Bulukin wrote:
>>> Hi Roger,
>>> As you are running a client could you test if you can use my mailgate?
>>> 73 de Gunnar
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>>> Ämne: [pskmail] Re: SV: Re: Ping
>>> So if we change the tx setting from 10146.1 to 10146.0 that should 
>>> get you to within 20 Hz I think.
>>> if I'm right you will actually be 20 Hz low which you can add to the 
>>> Fldigi sound card TX off set.
>>> But do it a step at a time.
>>> look forward to gating you....... Just checked and I have gated you 
>>> at
>>> 17:02
>>> 73 Roger.
>>> On 05/03/2011 17:01, Rein Couperus wrote:
>>>> Hej Gunnar,
>>>> your server is working, but the TX is 80 Hz too high in frequency...
>>>> I got a connect, but 80 Hz difference is really too much....
>>>> Pse check with a second receiver, and take IS0GRB-3 as a reference
>>> frequency...
>>>> Tnx,
>>>> Rein EA/PA0R/M
>>>>> Hi Rein,
>>>>> With some excellent help from Pär I thing that it is working now.
>>>>> We changed the BFO from 600>    900 and TX from 10146,2>    10146,1
>>>>> Now I am getting beacon from G6CKR with no problems.
>>>>> Maybee now someone can ping me and test if it is working.
>>>>> Pär told me that there is a program to test the mailfunktion but 
>>>>> it was not on the server cd. Can you tell me how to get it?
>>>>> 73 de gunnar
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>>>>> Ämne: [pskmail] Re: Ping
>>>>> Hi Gunnar, I have not been able to hear the server yet, but condx 
>>>>> are not good at the moment between us... this what is in my list 
>>>>> this
>>> morning:
>>>>> 09:01 - SM0RWO>PSKAPR,TCPIP*:!5901.16NP01756.10E&
>>>>> 09:02 - IS0GRB-3>PSKAPR,TCPIP*:!3914.79NP00910.96E&
>>>>> 10:02 - IS0GRB-3>PSKAPR,TCPIP*:!3914.79NP00910.96E&
>>>>> 11:02 - IS0GRB-3>PSKAPR,TCPIP*:!3914.79NP00910.96E&
>>>>> You can see not even SM0RWO makes it into the Igate at the moment...
>>>>> IS0GRB-3 is booming in here...
>>>>> Rein EA/PA0R/M
>>>>> =====================================================
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Has anyone been able  to hear or ping SA6BQZ?
>>>>> TX10146,2 USB  RX10147 CW-N
>>>>> 73 de  gunnar
>>>>> KB Vågspel
>>>>> [www.vagspel.se]
>>>>> Gunnar Bulukin
>>>>> Tel +46(0)31 962130
>>>>> Mob +46(0)31 7601501
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