[pskmail] Robust psk-modes on raspberry pi

  • From: Tarmo Huttunen <tarmopaha@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 03:03:55 +0200


I have wondered this oddity with raspberry-fldigi-jpskmail for a while:

Psk-r modes are not working. Sympton is, after psk-r id is received,
raspberry does not decode anything. I mean, there will not come any
characters on fldigi window. Is that "normal" sympton related to slow cpu?

In normal pc-setups if psk-r decoding fails, there will come at least some
nonsense text, am I right?

I have started to wonder, if this psk-r problem is after all related to
prosessing power at all? Could this have something to do with varicode used
on psk-r modes? Missing symboltable or something similar?

If I remember right, I also havent got pc to decode psk-r sent by
raspberry. (This was not what I was testing, just something I happend to
notice, and I am at work now, can not test again.)

Do somebody have some advice for me, where should I look? Have somebody
used robust psk-modes on some other low-resource machine?

Tarmo, OH6ECF

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