[pskmail] Robust PSK mode not decoding

  • From: Franco Spinelli <frspin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 17:55:06 +0100

I re-open an old message in the list, started at 5 Nov. 2013 by Tarmo
and ended at 8 Nov. 2013 by John Douyere.

I am testing a A20-olinuxino, Allwinner CPU dual core at 1 Ghz with 1 Gb
of RAM.

Fldigi decode correct all modes as:

PSKxxx all modes
Contestia all modes
Olivia all modes
MFSK all modes from 16 to 64, no 128, 64L and 128L
THOR 16,22 and also 25x4 using 1500 Hz as center freq

but no decode at all of PSKRxxx modes

Test made with a microphone in local show a 30 dB of S/N and a -30 dB
for imd.
Signal transmitted in PSKRXXX mode by A20 are correctly decoded on other
PC (x86) running same version of Fldigi

CPU usage is about 50% so it is not a power problem.

The problem is same as shown in first message from Tarmo.
I suspect a Fldigi problem. I have compiled last version of Fldigi on
A20 in 30 minuts of elapsed time.
All test are done using Debian Wheezy for armhf.

On same machine:

Jpskmail client 1.5.29 work OK without PSKRxx modes and use 80% of CPU
Jpasmail client 2.1.0-j, with java from OpenJDK, don't work. It use 100%
of CPU and sound is intermittent.


Franco Spinelli

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