[pskmail] Reintegration of twitter

  • From: "Rein Couperus" <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 12:52:45 +0100 (CET)

Hi folks,

on request we have (re-)integrated twitter in pskmail. This was 
not so easy, as twitter had changed their API, which disabled the 
function in the pskmail server. I have found another way to do it, which 
also adds the capability to use your own twitter account via the pskmail 
client (according to the pskmail philosophy...).
The new routine makes use of the tweetymail service, which allows tweets 
to be sent via email. This also takes the burden away to set up o_auth for 
all users on the pskmail server (pskmail server ops are supposed to be lazy...).
The user can now set up authorization on tweetymail.com, by signing up 
for a free (or full) tweetymail account using an existing twitter account.
How to do this is descibed hereafter:
How to set up tweetymail to use twitter from pskmail

As from server version 2.0.2 pskmail can interact with twitter again. It is now possible to send tweets from the pskmail client via your personal twitter account, without connecting to a server. The pskmail server uses the tweetymail.com service for that, which enables every user to set up his personal o-auth authorization for twitter. The server uses the return address in the user database to interact with tweetymail. That means you have to set up the email return address on every server you want to relay your tweets.

• Sign up for a twitter account if you don't have one already
• Sign up on http://tweetymail.com/ using your twitter account
• Link the return address in the pskmail user data base on tweetymail to be your primary email address under 'email addresses'
• Go to 'settings' in email addresses
• Switch off 'sender verification'
• Set up 'alerts' to get your filtered timeline by email, so you can read it in pskmail....

This will only work on server version 2.0.2 of course, but I hope many sever ops will soon
upgrade to 2.0.2...


Rein PA0R


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