[pskmail] Re: Regarding jPSKmail 1.5 (beta 2)

  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 18:47:07 +0100

Hi Robert,

The pskmail.org site belongs to Rein so I can't do anything there.
But, beta releases are mostly distributed in the simplest way possible
as a jar file only. Normally the real releases are distributed with
complete installers and 1.5 is no exception. The first beta of 1.5 was
distributed to David and Gunnar for testing and was a complete
installer. I have now updated that beta with bug fixes and additional
functions so I will create a new complete installer for beta 2.
So, there will be an installer available :-). And, the first beta was
distributed to David and Gunnar only as they had time to do some serious
testing. Now that they have found things and I have corrected I think
its ready for a wider test circle, so I will create and announce the
next beta here.

Regarding stations giving up I am not so surprised about that actually.
There was a serious bug in the server for north american stations,
actually it was so bad that I would have thrown it out the window with
frustration. I believe that bug has been there for quite some time.
But, that has been corrected and if hams would try again I think they
would experience something entirely different. But, getting people to
try again is not an easy thing so we have an uphill battle ahead of us
for some time. All this adds to my motivation for creating a stable
release that we can depend on for a while.

Great info on your sailing adventure, will be fun to follow your
progress there!

73 de Per, sm0rwo

mån 2011-12-26 klockan 06:42 -0800 skrev Robert Krasowski:
> Hi all, 
> can we also update http://pskmail.org/PSKMaildownloads.html . 
> I was contacted by N5TBS yesterday, he is trying PSKMail with
> intention to set up server. I was  helping him set up client, I went
> to pskmail.org side and had to give him quite complicated instruction.
> He had to install version 1.4.0, than had to change javapskmail.jar,
> 1.4b8. That is difficult and Clint N5TBS did it with no trouble but
> can we put last stable version on that side, so people can download,
> install and be ready to go. I think we should move old versions to
> different folder, like "Old client, software";
> Also, within periods of months that my server is running I had many
> stations experimenting, connecting and than giving up. Everybody start
> connecting in wrong mode sets (non USA modes). Can we make part of
> pskmail.org downloads with US version of PSKmail client with default
> table mode for US, would be nice to see US version of server as well. 
> Clint is running Windows, it took me some time to find info on
> facebook, how to run server on windows, but I got it. Any chance to
> put link to that side into download side pskmail.org?
> Finally where is 1.5 beta, I will be more than happy to test it, but
> where is it?
> Well, my project of setting up station for sailing boat with intention
> to sail across Atlantic is progressing well. I sent everything (radio,
> laptop, tuner, antenna, concentric cable, chokes) to Poland, it got
> there just before Christmas (with some problems - customs). Now it
> will be carried by the crew of the boat to Canary's Island on January
> 3rd, I hope they will install it correctly and will see how things
> will go. 
> Best regards to all 
> Robert 
> --- On Mon, 12/26/11, Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>         From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>         Subject: [pskmail] Regarding jPSKmail 1.5 (beta 2)
>         To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>         Date: Monday, December 26, 2011, 7:44 AM
>         Hi all,
>         Before we go ahead and jump to version 2 with integrated modem
>         handling
>         I think it would be wise to have one final, stable release
>         using fldigi
>         as an external modem. A stable release should buy us some time
>         to make
>         version 2 even better :-).
>         At the moment David, kf4wbs, and Gunnar, sa6bqz, have been
>         helpful in
>         testing the first beta of version 1.5 and I have fixed almost
>         all the
>         issues they found. Great testing!
>         So, what is 1.5 you ask? Well, its basically 1.4 beta 8 with
>         an added
>         contact manager/address book and numerous bug fixes. A few
>         more new
>         things like Cc addressing and addressing using name and email
>         address
>         makes the emails look better.
>         I have two bugs left regarding issues with multiple emails in
>         either
>         direction and when I have that sorted it's time for beta 2.
>         I would like to see more testers of that and if you already
>         have issues
>         in 1.4 beta 8 then pse just reply with those here (will try to
>         handle as
>         many as I have time).
>         73 de Per, sm0rwo

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