[pskmail] Re: Re Packages

  • From: Alan <akepple@xxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 21:59:57 -0400

Thanks for helping me through this. OK I have server version 0.7.4
running.  Here are a couple of things.  To get the frequency scanning
feature to work I changed line 127 of pskmailrc.pl from:
$qrgfile = "$ENV{HOME}/qrg/freqs.txt";    to 
$qrgfile = "$ENV{HOME}/.pskmail/qrg/freqs.txt"; 
I also noticed that a copy of a file pskmail comes with the 0.7.4 server
package.  Using the install scrip with this file named pskmail seemed to
be blocking setup of the .pskmail dir.  When I tired to manually create
the .pskmail directory I got an error saying a file ".pskmail" already
exists.  After I manually deleted the pskmail file in the 0.7.4 package,
the 0.7.4 server install script seemed to put all the right files in
the .pskmail dir.  This seems strange, I don't know why a file named
pskmail would prevent making a dir called .pskmail.  Maybe I don't
really understand what was going on. 
73 Alan
> Rein, 
> I used sudo to run all the install scripts. 
> Is this an ownership issue with the .pskmail dir? Chown? 
> I won't be back to my machine till later. 
> 73 Alan 

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