[pskmail] Re: Raspberry Pi and Pskmail Client

  • From: Tarmo Huttunen <tarmopaha@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 13:35:50 +0200

Yes, I have tried powered hub also...even made well regulated power supply
myself so my guess is power was not problem...by the way I have a feeling
that usb problems have been less since I updated Raspberry's os. (But audio
receive quality is still a bit poor)

Gunnar, By the way... maybe it is my bat english but I am little confused
about your instruction. I have download 1.5.10
From http://www.crusefalk.se/jpskmailinstall/

But it is executable file, when I try to execute it, pi gets busy for a
while but nothing seems to happend. If I try executing from root terminal,
it says "binary file cannot be executed"... so I cant find any  "jpskmail
lib"  so I can not  open javapskmail.jar :D I feel stupid :D

Should this installer be runnable and make some directory containing
those javapskmail.jar
etc. ? (I have made permission to run this file.) This is what I meant, I
can not find 1.5.10 jar files.

I can see previous version I have tried while ago have been jpskmail
installer 1.6.10, it do exactly same, nothing:)

Tarmo, OH6ECF

2012/12/27 Larry Levesque <ka1vgm@xxxxxxxxx>

> I suspect it is a power issue.
> Try plugging a powered usb hub into the PI and the sound card into that.
> The recommended power supply is at least 1amp for the Pi but it only
> supports powering a level less than that for devices.
> Other people with similar problems have cured it by replacing the power
> supply or using the powered usb hub.
> Larry Levesque
> Cheshire County EC
> On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 3:23 PM, Tarmo Huttunen <tarmopaha@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> Well, I haven't got jpskmail working on raspberry yet. Maybe because
>> I didn't find 1.5.10 jar files :D So I tried 2.0.22. Suppose I just make
>> something wrong...
>> I have noticed about pi and fldigi, I cannot get WEFAX received as well
>> as with ordinary laptop,  with same usb soundcard (cheap dongle). Picture
>> is not as good. I think "slant" is not stable when using raspberry pi. But
>> it somewhat works, fun!  Also tried receiving NAVTEX, it works also. I have
>> received quite a lot of 518 khz NAVTEX from Mediterranean Sea here in inner
>> Finland with pi.
>> I suppose it is some issue on usb in pi, not sure. (could also be
>> something simple like dirty power or ground loop...) Also soundcard gets
>> grazy quite often when used with pi, and gets only fuzzy gibberish on
>> waterwall.
>> By the way, It have never worked if I also have network connected, wifi
>> or ethernet. That is why I mostly susbect usb driver problem.
>> Tarmo OH6ECF
>> 2012/12/25 Gunnar Bulukin <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>> **
>>> Hi,
>>> Have tested with Pskmail client 1.5.10 and fldigi on Pi B (512). So far
>>> it works but CPU is 90%.
>>> Will test together with the IC-7200 when i have some more time.
>>> How to test:
>>> From http://www.crusefalk.se/jpskmailinstall/
>>> Follow instruktions for Ubuntu to install fldigi and download 1.5.10
>>> make jar files allowed to be executed even those in the LIB (don´t know if
>>> that is a must)
>>> After starting fldigi go to the jpskmail lib and open javapskmail.jar,
>>> it will take some time to start!!
>>> It would me very nice if anyone that has a working rig and a Pi close by
>>> could do some test and see if it works!!
>>> 73 de Gunnar

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