[pskmail] R: Re: Hy from IK3DJC-5 (try to connect PI4TUE)

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  • Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 10:18:06 +0100


Mny tnx for answering.

Should you need somebody to test PSK-R mode I am available.

73, Roberto

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Hi Roberto, PI4TUE is in test mode for automatic speed switching with robust
PSK modes.
You will get a new fldigi in a few days, which will be compatible.
The new server will also be published next weekend, I am now testing it.

ciao, 73

Rein PA0R

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> Hy all,
> This post just to introduce me as newbie.
> I?m using PSKMAIL (in particular PSK500) since few weeks, and I 
> amazed about potential it offers.
> Many doubts arise so sorry for any misunderstanding from me!
> I was looking for comprehensive english manual to learn in detail all 
> fundamentals and stuff, any one can suggest me one?
> In particular something is wrong when handshaking with PI4TUE: 
> connection is established @ PSK500 but soon this server switches to ??
> ? mode and I cannot proceed anymore: any suggestion?
> By the way, 73 to everybody!
> De Roberto, IK3DJC, Treviso


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