[pskmail] Re: Quit cfm

  • From: 9A3LI <9a3li@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 09:18:28 +0100

To assist with the reproduction of the problem, can you tell me if the
server send a series (about 5 or 6) status frames after the failed "quit"
message before going silent, or it just stays silent and does not try to
send the status blocks?

Server is "quiet", nothing happend. Client is "listening", lost connection
and server dont know that.

A status block has and "s" in the third position after the <SOH>like

FLdigi log at that time:

TX (2009-11-02 21:48Z): <US><SOH>0%k9A1CRA:24 9A3LI-1:1024
5D356<SOH>0%s   614B<EOT>
RX (2009-11-02 21:48Z):
RX (2009-11-02 21:48Z):
RX (2009-11-02 21:49Z): <SOH>00c9A7AOF-9:1024 9A1CRA:24 56007<EOT>
RX (2009-11-02 21:49Z): <SI>
RX (2009-11-02 21:49Z): <DC3>eie9A7A<9A1C E3<EOT>
RX (2009-11-02 21:50Z):     <SOH>00u9A6DNO:26
!4538.95N/01608.05Eyjpskmail 0.3.870FB<EOT>
RX (2009-11-02 21:50Z):     ee
TX (2009-11-02 21:50Z): <US><SOH>QSL 9A6DNO de 9A1CRA 07E4<EOT><EOT>
RX (2009-11-02 21:50Z): <SOH>00c9A7AOF-9:1024 9A1CRA:24 56007<EOT>
RX (2009-11-02 21:50Z):  <SOH>00u9A3LI-1:26
!4618.00N/01606.00E-PSKmail V 1.07F28<EOT>
RX (2009-11-02 21:51Z):
TX (2009-11-02 21:51Z): <US><SOH>QSL 9A3LI-1 de 9A1CRA 2D26<EOT><EOT>
RX (2009-11-02 21:51Z): <SOH>00u9A7A-9><9A1CbAE2
RX (2009-11-02 21:51Z): f<SOH>00u9A3LI-1:25 9a3li@xxxxxxxxxxx test 123456789
RX (2009-11-02 21:51Z): <EOT>
RX (2009-11-02 21:51Z):
TX (2009-11-02 21:52Z): <US><SOH>00u9A1CRA:71 C17E<EOT>

All log I can send you on your email or leave it somewhere.

In the mean time, can you try to not use ids at the end of the call sign to see if you get the same result. For example in the client replace 9A7AOF-9
with 9A7AOF.

OK, we will try without SSID



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