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  • From: Franco Spinelli <frspin@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2013 21:07:28 +0100

Il 07/03/2013 20:27, Remi Chateauneu ha scritto:

I heard of this kind of argument a long time ago and I agree with you.
To be honest I am not very happy about the way code changes are
progressing in fldigi. I added the Fax and Navtex modems and it took
months to see them released. Same for small ug fixes. Now I have added
a Synop decoded. It works OK on Linux and I would like to release it
as an unstable version to Windows users: No way: I am waiting for
several months for just a couple of hours of work. I started this
Synop decoded more end of 2011. Sometimes, this is getting very boring
for me too. I would have liked to help for your problem, but as I
told, the information does not flow.

Hi Remi and all in the list

Fldigi is the only possibility for non windows users in digital radio.
You know my test on Fldigi and on Pskmail.
Fldigi was a "ready" solution for Pskmail.

But a modem program for Pskmail, not connected to Fldigi, is an ideal solution for Pskmail integration.

I think that a solution with modem and GUI in different programs is a better solution. Having GUI and modem in same program require a bigger code and a duplication of code for server and client program.

I am also using sometime RMS Express and yes, it is simple to setup, as many windows programs. But also RMS Express have problems. Italian version don't work after some releases ago! And also RMS Express users have claims for servers, frequencies, some radio hardware and so.

All we need to do is test new client. And help Rein in improvements on modems. After this we can have also an installer for Windows, an automatic setup and other goodies.


Franco Spinelli

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