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  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 10:48:42 +0100

I probably need to give some background on this....

There are puppy versions with pskmail and fldigi for puppy 3. Barry  Kauler 
for puppy 3 that the perl installation would be crippled, so that it was not 
possible to 
install pskmail from source. I had to precompile pskmail on a separate machine 
debian before putting it on the disk. To give you a broad idea, I needed about 
a week 
to provide and test a new pskmail version on puppy.

Because of the time input necessary and the separate infrastructure I needed 
for puppy 3, I decided I could not support it without seriously neglecting 
other tasks.

I then found someone who promised to take over the pskmail support for puppy, 
and it was 
suggested to build a puppy4 CD with enough resources to support running pskmail 
from perl source, as we do on all other platforms. This would make maintenance 
and testing 
a lot easier, and once it was there it could be updated by the user...

Unfortunately the project was half finished because of other priorities, and I 
was stuck 
with a puppy4 CD image without a usable pskmail. So I put in some time and 
generated the puppy4 CD as it is on the download site now. It works well, but 
its size is 
200 MB, which means it does not run well on smaller windows machines unless you
can make a large linux swap disk...

That is  the situation at the moment. I am now -again- looking for somebody to 
over puppy support for pskmail. We have a puppy4 CD with all the right 
but we need someone to integrate the newest pskmail client and fldigi, and 
a smaller (100 MB) puppy image. 

For any other puppy distro (EMC etc.) you need either compiled versions of the 
client (which I do not provide anymore, so DIY, or you have to create a perl 
environment that 
will run the bare scripts (preferable).

Hope this helps,

Rein PA0R

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> Betreff: [pskmail] Puppy package

> If I'm using a different version of puppy linux than the one you offer 
> on this site, which already has some ham software and fldigi (for 
> example EMCPup), is there a way to get the standalone server/client 
> packages for PSKMail that I can download separately and try to install 
> on there? I did not see mention of this anywhere here.
> Thanks
> 73, Frank F.    K4AVL


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