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but accessible also from:


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Hi to all.
In the last days i'm working to this site.
I have changed the banner that now is in flash and changed colours; if any
user connect any server, the banner shows the user and the server that is
gating it for about 4 minutes, advising all that the user is online.
Is active also the pskmail chat (see home page); a php chat the would
permit to all to meet all pskmailers and discuss about this system;
require registration in the page; support english, italian, spain and
french language. Any suggestion is appreciated.
The pskmail network site is now in progress; i have improved many internal
scripts and other features are in working. Any suggestion is appreciated.
When finished will be released the 1.5 version for the personal server

many thanks

Best 73

Roberto IS0GRB

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